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  • PDK to hit Katima by one night-stand

    PDK to hit Katima by one night-stand

    By STAFF REPORTER THE Trio Kwaito winning award, PDK of the Omalaeti hitmakers, Patrick ,Deon and Kamutonyo will set Katima Mulilo alight for the first time in their ten year career of making hit after hit in Namibian music stream. In a press release issued by Omalaeti Music, The youthful trio still riding on the success…

  • Caprivi Region Hit By New Musical Trend

    Caprivi Region Hit By New Musical Trend

    By Simon Liseli The Art of Music in the Caprivi region is rapidly growing as compared to the past when it was then known for its cultural music. Kizzo and the young fire group, consisting of six members, is one but many of the emerging groups rising with different musical genres now visible in the…

  • Who is SPANNER BOY ?

    By Dominic Sikopo KWAITO Musician Spanner Boy who is personally known as Mr.Elton Simataa who hails from Caprivi Region was born on 25 July 1984 at Impalila Island but pre-dominantly grew up in the nation`s capital of Windhoek. He did his primary and secondary schooling at Marti Artisary School. His the son of Mr. Patrick…

  • Bolingo doing it real in Music industry

    By Given Samulandela ONCE upon a time, a musical Genius emerged from a rural village known today as Makanga situated about 75 KM from the town of Katima Mulilo. In 1997 he began his music career with a friend Nguti Fruit, inspired by South African artists,and here is the story to tell. What is your…


    Miss KATIMA TRADE FAIR 2010,  Nancy Malumo By Dominic Sikopo Winning such a prestigious regional beauty contest, Miss Katima Trade Fair 2010 is certainly just the beginning in what will certainly be a long line of achievements to come for Nancy Malumo. The Caprivi Vision Newspaper, as one of the fast growing publication in the…

  • Coolstyle Catalogue his life style

    By Risco Lumamezi A 29-YEAR Hip-hop musician with the mind of his own, have openly declared his life as a challenge since he was born. Daniel Milomo Matengu commonly known as Cool style was born on 22 December 1978 came the eighth (8) in the family of eleven. With his life which is seemingly to…

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