By Dominic Sikopo

KWAITO Musician Spanner Boy who is personally known as Mr.Elton Simataa who hails from Caprivi Region was born on 25 July 1984 at Impalila Island but pre-dominantly grew up in the nation`s capital of Windhoek.

He did his primary and secondary schooling at Marti Artisary School. His the son of Mr. Patrick Likezo Simataa.

In 2001 he began writing his own songs after he admitted to Caprivi Vision that he drew his love for music from the likes of music icon Martin Morocky popularly known as The Dogg, then in the following year he began collaborating with other artists such as Kizzy and Otelesta.

What kind of music do you do?

I perform Kwaito/Gospel music because of God Almighty as music gives a chance to praise the lord.

What have been your accomplishments so far in terms of your music career and about your experiences in terms of challenges you are facing in the music industry?

I have released one album so far titled “Don`t Be Jealous” and I’m currently working on a follow up album which I’m calling “Who To Save”. With regards to challenges well I would say the challenges are there like we haven`t been getting enough support in terms of air-play from our local radio station and our Town Council isn`t doing enough in support local artists but at least we are making it as we have had some round-up shows where we performed around the Caprivi Region.

Who is sponsoring you?

At the moment I do not have a Permanent sponsor but my first album was released by Mulilo Music Production (MMP) and I have been fortunate enough to get help from my father who has been helping me financially so I can make it possible to release my second album and also D.J Jose has helped me by producing my music.

How did you come up with the name “Spanner”?

I had small puppy called Spanner and I really loved the dog so when it passed away I decided to take the name and use it because I really loved the dog.

Your future plans?

I`m planning on taking my album straight to Windhoek as it has a better chance of getting enough airplay there on radio stations.





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