Bolingo doing it real in Music industry

Mikatazo (Bolingo ) Luboni
By Given Samulandela

ONCE upon a time, a musical Genius emerged from a rural village known today as Makanga situated about 75 KM from the town of Katima Mulilo. In 1997 he began his music career with a friend Nguti Fruit, inspired by South African artists,and here is the story to tell.

What is your real name?
I am Mikatazo Luboni
When were you born ?
I was born on the 23rd of August 1984.
Why the name Bolingo?
Bolingo is one of those naughty names I was given by my mother when I was still young not knowing why they choose Bolingo. This name has by- passed my real name today, and many people now call me Bolingo.
Who inspired you?
I was inspired by guys like Mandoza, Zola, Kabelo, and Bravo.
Who is your favorite artist?
Local: The Dogg
International: The Game
What is your favorite movie and book?
Movie: Get rich or Die trying by 50 Cent
Book: Kick Off even though I do not play soccer, but I like the game.
How many Albums do you have so far?
For now I do not have any album, but it is coming soon and people out there, should know that I am working on a bigger project. I have produced multiple singles.
What do you do in your spare time?
I am running a company dealing with financial services. I am the Managing Director of the Company, and it really takes much of my time that sometimes I have to leave music aside and concentrate on work.
What is your biggest fear?
To be caught by a crocodile.
What is your favorite Dish?
Mixed salads
What message do you have for people out there?
To all upcoming artists I would like to advice you guys to work hard, its not easy, focus and know what you want. To the public out there, I would like to say please help me out with sponsorships, lets develop our region through music and please check my story on facebook (just look for Bolingo Bigman).





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