Caprivi Region Hit By New Musical Trend

By Simon Liseli

The Art of Music in the Caprivi region is rapidly growing as compared to the past when it was then known for its cultural music.

Kizzo and the young fire group, consisting of six members, is one but many of the emerging groups rising with different musical genres now visible in the region.
Kizzo released his first CD album titled ‘Ikute’, just recently in May 2012. The album has five tracks. With massive airplay on the Kokotela, Ikute and Bukwasha
The title IKUTE means respect – which the group says is lacking amongst many people nowadays.

Mr. Ricky (Kizzo) Numwa

Mr. Ricky ‘Kizzo’ Tubalike Numwa, aged 26, who hails from Masokotwani in Caprivi region, is a teacher by profession but is also actively involved in Karate and Rugby sports.
In April 2011, with the help of Mr. Ovens Maseho Mubita and his group known as“Black Mamba and the Little Stars” performed at Munyaule bar at Masokotwani , Kizzo’s interest in music was ignited , prompting him to follow the group on their regional tours.

“From the first performance of the black mamba group, I started following them where ever they used to perform. In between performances I would trouble him by asking questions of how he started his musical career.I got advices and then later on I received invitations to join him (Black mamba) on the stage,” said Kizzo.

In December 2011 Kizzo started practicing his own songs which later led to the release of the five track album.
Kizzo is now busy working on their next 10 track album, which they hope will be released by end of November this year and has appealed against copy write of genuine work as it has negative financial impact on the artists.

“Music is nice. Our Silozi radio station should promote us by playing our music on air. Artists should work together and not feel jealous of each other. The region should be taken to greater heights through our musical influence”, Kizzo said.






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