Miss KATIMA TRADE FAIR 2010,  Nancy Malumo

By Dominic Sikopo

Winning such a prestigious regional beauty contest, Miss Katima Trade Fair 2010 is certainly just the beginning in what will certainly be a long line of achievements to come for Nancy Malumo.

The Caprivi Vision Newspaper, as one of the fast growing publication in the region and indeed in the whole country, we must admit that the stunning 17 year old Ngweze Secondary school student was the first choice to win the Miss Katima Mulilo Trade Fair 2010 beauty pageant.
From the minute she stepped into the Caprivi Vision offices, a month ago, it was clear that she was not only beautiful and stylish, but smart, young, well spoken and extremely driven as well.

It was not a surprise when she made to the final top 10 although show goers predicted that she has the qualities and could be on the final list.
Miss Katima Trade Fair 2010 Malumo Nancy is a 17 year old girl who hails from Katima Mulilo born on the 26th of November 1993. She attended Ngoma primary school from 2000-2006, then she continued her secondary at Mafwila secondary school from 2006-07, she is currently doing her Grade 11-12 at Ngweze Secondary School. The proud daughter of Mr. Malumo Mushe and Ms Betty Likando.

I enjoy listening to music (Kizomba, Rnb), Exercising (playing volleyball and netball)
I do modeling during my spare time at The Zambezi Modeling Agency.
Worst thing you dislike ?
Gossiping behind people’s backs.
How Do You Deal With Stress?
I`ll sleep or exercise.
Favourite Book/Magazine?
People’s magazine and novels.
Star Sign?
Favourite Drink?
Fanta Grape
Favourite Dish?
Meat with Rice and Veggies
Favourite Movie?
The Transporter Trilogy
Favourite Subjects?
Biology, Geography, Maths
How did you feel when you were crowned Miss Katima Mulilo Trade Fair 2010?
Felt very good, happy and excited as my parents were also very happy for me.
You as Miss Katima Trade Fair 2010, what do you think should be done to address evil social issues in Katima Mulilo e.g crime, teenage pregnancies in schools, high failure rate and school drop outs?
On crime, it is disturbing to realize that crime is steadily increasing in our town, so it is better that it is dealt with while it is still not an out of control issue.To prevent crime the community should address issues such as drinking and taking alcohol of people below the age of 18,drug abuse, as these social ills contribute to a high crime rate.On teenage pregnancy in schools, I think learners and minors should be advised and educated to refrain from sex and be educated about HIV/AIDS from an early stage.Education should also focus on the usage of contraceptives and condoms distribution should be introduced in all schools in Namibia just like what they are doing in colleges of high learning.High failure rate is also a concern and I advise that a curriculum review should be done to all schools in Namibia to avoid school drop outs.Parents should be more involved in learner’s education, so as to find out what they lack, need and require in order to attain excellent grades.A free education system should be introduced for learners who cannot afford to pay for their fees because we have many school drop outs everywhere in town especially for Grade ten (10) students.
When did you start modeling?
I began modeling while I was still in the 8th grade, I was inspired by my school teacher and international model superstar Naomi Campbell to take it up because I read and watched a lot about her in magazines and in television shows, I haven’t looked back since then.
What do you think can be done to assist those who would want to take modeling as a career in Katima Mulilo?
I think it would be best if we can get financial assistance from corporate sponsors in Namibia e.g. Standard Bank, MTC e.t.c , Others have done a lot in terms of ploughing back to their communities, so others should follow suit.
What are your plans for the future?
Well, after I complete my Matric I want to enroll at any institution for a Fashion Designing course because it is really my dream and my ambition to some day establish my own fashion/modeling agency as a business.
Advice to the youth?
To study hard, believe in yourself and go after your dreams since the sky is the limit.





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