By Dominic Sikopo

In search of realising their dreams of releasing a debut album, a young and aspiring dance group hailing from Caprivi region are in search of a manager to lead them in the right path.

The group which consists of six members aged 14 to 16 is known as Young Party Intruders, which they formed in 2009.

Young Party Intruders members

The initials YPI stems from the word Young Party Intruders. The group performs diffrent genres such as Kwaito, House and Kuduru, which all originates from South Africa and Angola, which all border Namibia.

The group, was initially known as Green Nature Boys, which later changed to Kwaito Destroyers before eventually settling on another final stage name the change they are currently going by.

The group consists of YPIDEYDAR (Mutelo Mubita,14), Ronald Burner(Mutakela Ronald,16), Chief  Royal( Mukowa Mwezi, 14), Young Scratcher( Leonard Medinah , 14), YPI Tsot( Chilinda Leon, 13) and YPI Douglas( Mabibo Mabibo, 13)

In a short interview with Caprivi Vision, the group revealed that they are in need of a manager.

“YPIDEYDAR was formed in 2009 as The Green Nature Boys, we then changed our name to Kwaito Destroyers then finally after meeting with the Group Party Intruders we decided to change our name to Young Party Intruders.

When asked how many albums the group has realised to date, they said “We are still working on releasing our first album titled ‘Coming To You Live as we dance Ronexar.

“Ronexar is our Type of Dance but we do have a few songs such as P.I Second House, Peace Maker, and Bruce Mix” the noted

Currently, the groups’ music is produced by Party Intruders.

According to the group, they enjoy hobbies such as Dancing, Swimming, challenging each other in free style dancing.

The group made an appeal to the public -If any one is interested in sponsoring or managing the group, to contact them at 0817375927/0817738597.





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