Valentine`s Murder Suspect refered for Legal Aid

 By Staff Reporter

The  Katima Mulilo Regional Court  postponed murder case of the man accused of brutally slaying his girlfriend on Valentines`s Day last year to November 21,  2013 for legal aid.

The accused Mr. Sonny Mbeha is believed to have stabbed his girlfriend, Monde Mbolelwa to death by slitting her throat and stabbing her several times on February 14, 2012   in her NHE home in Katima Mulilo.

Mr. Mbeha who is charged with two counts of attempted murder and murder, allegedly killed Monde , who was a Clothing Store Attendant at Fashion World after a quarrel broke out between the two lovers during the early hours, when Mr.Mbeha demanded to know of Ms.Mbolelwa’s whereabouts during the fateful day, before her body was found in a pool of blood with deep wounds inflicted to it.

The relationship between Mr.Mbeha and the deceased, as described by family and friends was allegedly rocky and abusive.

They claimed that late 2011 in a jealous feud,  acussed Mbeha came close to shooting amid physical abuse she suffered at his hands.

He (Mbeha) allegedly attempted to kill Mbolelwa after he drove her into the bushy outskirts of the town and fired some gun shots aimed at her.

Monde however withdrew the charges she lodged with Nampol and requested he be removed from the home they shared instead.

The State was representanted by Prosecutor Roger Sibungo and Ms. Nomsa Sibanda presided as the Magistrate.








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