Security situation in Mozambique remains a concern to Namibia

By Staff Reporter

Security situation in Mozambique has remained a concern to Namibia, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi – Ndaitwa has informed the public that consultations of the double troika on Mozambique was convened on Thursday.

This was made between the Chairperson of Mozambique and of SADC organ on politics, defence and security a double troika summit on April 8, 2021.

Netumbo-Nandi Ndaitwa , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation

The summit took place in Maputo, the capital of Mozambique aiming on deliberations on measures that would address the situation in the country.

On 24 March 2021 the town of Palma was attacked by insurgents in the province of Cabo Delgado.

It is said that after the fight, the government of Mozambique regained control of Palma. According to the Namibian High Commission to Mozambique informed that no Namibian was reported to have been affected.

A double troika summit was proceeded by the meeting of Chiefs of Defence, Intelligence, police and organ troika ministerial meeting that was held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

The double Troika comprises of SADC Troika member states of Mozambique, Malawi (incoming Chair), United Republic of Tanzania (Outgoing Chair of SADC) and Botswana, the Current Chair of SADC.

Namibia left the double SADC Troika in August last year while membership is on a rotational basis.

“Namibia is not a member of the Double Troika, having left the SADC Troika in August 2020, as membership is on a rotational basis. Namibia however remains concerned about the situation in Mozambique” Nandi-Ndaitwah said in a media statement sent to Caprivi Vision.






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