Muyongo dismisses assassination plans

By Risco Lumamezi

“If people are hunting for me and they want to kill me fine for them they can send a squad, good luck if they manage God be with them and the devil be with me” said the President of the United Democratic Party( UDP) Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo who is the most wanted by the Namibian government to face charges of treason, when he was asked by this paper on the allegations of the clandestine group planned to assassinate him in Denmark.

Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo, Caprivi Secessionist Leader

Following wide spread rumours around Katima Mulilo that a hit squad composed of spies and some political leaders from Namibia having trip visits to Denmark have raised an eyebrow among loyalist members of the secessionist leader Mr. Muyongo who is fighting for the independence of the Caprivi Strip.

Privy sources within the security forces have alleged that about 14 men from one ethnic group plus two who are suspected to be the sons of the Caprivi region, said to be used as instrument agents among the hit squad.

Allegations are surfing that the plan to assassinate Muyongo in Denmark is to end the issue of the Caprivi.

Sources who opted in anonymity revealed these allegations to this publication appealing Denmark to authorise the Caprivi leader to have access to the media and to the entire UDP leadership in exile. “We are really appealing to Denmark authority to allow him to talk to the media,” They said.

They are appealing to the international community especially the United Nations (UN) to give the referendum vote to the people of the Caprivi Strip to decide on their own destiny. “Why can’t the UN try and see if the Caprivians want or don’t want to be independent,” said the concerned member.

When contacted for comments on how true the allegations were, Mr. Muyongo told this paper over the phone that he wished his enemy a good luck.

“You know, I am a messenger of the Caprivi that’s all and nobody else, people of the Caprivi I owe my life to them, whatever I die for them, I live for them… that is the end of the story, not anybody else ‘No No No’ those are irrelevant people, to me they are nomadic as far as Caprivi is concerned,” said Mr. Muyongo , the rebel leader all the way from Copenhagen the Capital of Denmark where he was granted a Political Asylum in 1999 from Botswana after his men attacked the military base,police station and an attempt to capture the State local Radio Station on August 2, 1999 in Katima Mulilo, capital of the Caprivi region.

This paper was curious to know more about the agreement, which Mr. Muyongo has been talking about over the years that SWAPO and CANU signed the agreement during the liberation struggle of Namibia that after the independence of the South West Africa / Namibia, Caprivi will be called differently as a separate State.

“You know here I don’t talk about fiction, No, I talk about facts, and it was Sam Nujoma and me who signed that document. Sam Nujoma is alive; Pohamba was there as being a witness do you understand so I don’t talk about fiction the document is there”. Mr.Muyongo quashed.

Asked to bring the document on the table which stating the merger agreement of the two political parties “I m going to give it when time comes and I will give it to everybody”, he promised.
“The people who will be near me when I die they will take my briefcase and they will take the copy and show it to everybody” he lamented.

However, when caught up for feedback on the long trial of the Caprivi case if they was any efforts to end the trail , Presidential Affairs Minister and Attorney General Dr. Albert Kawana responded “I’m the Attorney General and member of the Cabinet and Parliament I’m not allowed by the Constitution to comment on this issue before the court” he stressed.

Dr Kawana challenged the Caprivi Leader (Muyongo) to come up with the document where the agreement was signed and was reminded to produce it “where is it? Now the person who is alleging that he is the one who must prove by way of document, where is that document? Yes… it is very simple… my friend if I tell you I have a title deed over this land or building, who must produce that title deed it’s not me who is making that allegation? If you tell me this Toyota, Corolla or BMW is yours, you can produce the document for me to believe you, and so let them produce that document simple as that…” stressed Dr. Kawana.

Meanwhile, a Namibian intellectual and Political Analyst based in South Africa, Prof. Joseph Diescho analysed during the public lecture held in Katima Mulilo recently saying that, SWAPO and CANU under Muyongo in 1964 needed Caprivi in order to launch the war from Caprivi as it is closer to Zambia and the CANU people wanted to grow but they were certain things they didn’t discuss during their arrangement with SWAPO.

“If Mishake Muyongo started talking about treating Caprivi with the delicacy he should have started in 1989, the mistake Muyongo made is not to say it early enough until he was loitering himself,” he explained.

He professed that Mr.Muyongo had opportunities if he could have started talking of his people in 1989 that they have a different history compared to others in the country and that Caprivians were not treated the way he observed, and they were not part of South West Africa and needed to include in their package of independence because some agreements and understandings are that Caprivi was neglected and Caprivians were used more than any other people.

“For instance if I was in the national government I could have said we need to treat Caprivians differently, I cannot understand why nobody have said about this, Namibia have a very wonderful region that can feed the rest of the country and that is
Caprivi,” he lamented.






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