Lukato calls Geingob to withdraw Namibia-Botswana boundary treaty

By Staff Reporter

PRESIDENT of the National Democratic Party (NDP), Mr. Martin Lukato Lukato who is annoyed and disappointed over the 2018 boundary treaty between Namibia and Botswana, is calling the Namibian President Dr. Hage Geingob to withdraw the boundary treaty immediately.

Mr. Martin Lukato Lukato,President of the National Democratic Party (NDP)

He told reporters on Thursday in Katima Mulilo that his NDP party is not happy with the way and manner in which the disputed boundary treaty was signed.

The boundary treaty of 2018 was signed by the Namibian President Geingob and former Botswana President Lieutenant-General Seretse Khama Ian Khama on February 5, 2018.

“Should the Kwando/Linyanti/Chobe River change its course, the Boundary line shall remain the same as determined by the coordinates in terms of this Treaty” quoted from the Namibia-Botswana Boundary Treaty of 2018.

This was a reaffirmation to overcome the longstanding dispute of the two countries along Kwando/Linyanti and Chobe River.

On the matter between Namibia and Botswana over Kasikili Island on December 13,1999 the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the Netherlands ruled in favour of Botswana.

He alluded that the entire residents, the affected residents of the areas, traditional leaders and political leaders of the Zambezi were not consulted, but the consultation were done within the political circus of the ruling elites.

“None of the residents of the Zambezi region were consulted apart from my brother Dr Albert Kawana. Our five traditional leaders in the region were not consulted, and are the custodians of the land. We the political leaders in the region we were not consulted. Our people living nearby the land in question were too not consulted”.

According to him the new boundary treaty affects the lives and livelihood of the people and the next generations, saying many people eke-out their living on Situngu Island for grazing of their domestic animals and fishing.

“We feel that the government of the day is ignoring and looking at us with tinted glasses. We feel neglected and left out in cold.”

“Fellow Namibians, Zambezi is too small by nature. But again, is being made small, smaller and smallest every time and then. Zambezi region is the only region which is busy losing its land and its natural resources every time and again. We are sick and tired of losing our valuable land either to neighbouring country. Our land is decreasing but our population is increasing every day. We first lost Kasikili Island to with its richest wild animals to Botswana. Then we lost western Caprivi with its oil to now Kavango East.”

He accused the Namibian government for changing the name of Caprivi to Zambezi which he described as an ethnic identity in the social circle of Namibia, and also for not taking the matter of the four fishermen of Impalila seriously,  the Nchindo brothers who were killed barbarically by the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) soldiers on November 5, 2020.

“We also lost our beautiful name (Caprivi) which was our pride and identity. Last year we lost 3 lives in cold blood, the Nchindo brothers. Now again we are about to lose Situngu island with its rich fertile soil to Botswana again. What have we done wrong to the government of the day?” asked Mr. Lukato

“But today we have a sitting president who goes behind our back and signed a border treaty to give away our land which was hard fought without our knowledge to Botswana. I doubt if the precious soul, spirit and blood of our fallen heroes will rest in peace. Their precious blood, sweat and struggle is now all in vain. They must be shaking, turning and angry in their graves now.

Fellow Namibians

  1. NDP is demanding the SWAPO president to deploy NDF soldiers along Chobe River to patrol day and night.
  2. We demand that the SWAPO president must reverse or withdraw the decision of singing the 2018, border treaty.
  3. We demand the SWAPO president to come show us the new borders or new map if there is any.
  4. We demand the office to the president to pronounce themselves on the 2018 border treaty.
  5. We still demanding the president of SWAPO to release the joint report of findings of the Nchindo brothers immediately.”

He however called the government to intervene immediately. “we are tired of being killed in cold blood by the BDF soldiers. We are of being at gun point in our own land. We are tired of being slaves in our own land, how many lives and piece of land shall we lose before the SWAPO government intervenes. More than 37 lives lost already is not enough since independence of Namibia”

Mr. Lukato added that his political party believes and respects all the traditional authorities as kingdoms created by God, and should refrain from politics.

“NDP party still recognize and acknowledge our historic land, which starts from Impalila Island to Mukuve (Andara). That is where Zambezi region ends. We still recognize and believes that they are 6 tribal authorities in Zambezi region, this including the Hambukhushu Traditional Authority led by Nfumu Mbambo. As well as the Barakwena (Kwee) Traditional Authority led by Chief Ban Ben.”

He further called the residents of Zambezi to unite and make their informed decisions “Finally, am calling upon all the people in our region regardless of our different political parties to unite, speak one voice and fight the common enemy, united we stand and divided we fall.”







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