Katima young people speak out on Namibia’s independence

By Chaze Chika

WHILE Namibia turns 28 years old of freedom from the york of colonialism, Caprivi Vision Reporter took to the street of Katima Mulilo with the question, what has Namibia got to show after all this years On 21 March 1990 – 2018.

Caprivi Vision carried a word on the streets and targeted the youth , especially the born free and got to find out what independence means to them, has Namibia developed and what developments do they want that they have not seen.

A 22- year-old Owen Nalisa had this to say about Namibia when he was asked about the development of Namibia “Actually Namibia is a developing country to my side as a born free I will not go deep, I would love to see theatres in Namibia where born frees with talent like the one I have for music where we can go and express our talent, to at least chase our dreams’’.

Denzel  Nalisa a student  at Katima Mulilo UNAM CAMPUS  when asked about the development of Namibia he decided to focus  on the town of Katima Mulilo “ Our roads are damaged , our clinic is still not yet big, we only have one sport complex and still in our region other villages do not have electricity and water supply”.

Albert from the western part of Kongola also raised his views ‘’Development strategies are slow it is just little by little but Namibia is developing’’.

A recent graduate from Namibia University of Science And Technology David Masule  raised this very interesting point and suggestion “for independence they waste a lot of money celebrating and travelling they should put that money to good use, I am a recent  graduate but I cannot find any job so they should  really use that money into something useful’’.

17 years old Mollie Mulife schooling in Divudu had nothing but good words when it comes to her country “Every year you see things being developed, new building ,employment being created and what I would like to see is everyone being employed’’.






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