Katima Council Warns Residents against Vandalism of New Street Names

KMTC Public Relations Officer Mr. Muyoba Muyoba pointing at the Tobias Hainyeko street name that was

By Dominic Sikopo

PUBLIC Relations Officer of Katima Mulilo Town Council Mr. Muyoba Muyoba has lashed out at the people who are destroying and vandalising newly erected road signs and street names.


The warning came in the wake of some street names that were discovered to have been removed and damaged by some of the residents. The street signs which were found to have been damaged were that of the late SWAPO Liberation struggle hero Mr. Tobias Hainyeko who was killed and buried in Katima Mulilo during the war between SWAPO and The South African Defence Force at the time.

Katima Council PRO, Mr.Muyoba added that, the street name called Mutanga Mushimani which is between Chefuzwe and Lifalaza streets was illegally removed.

In an interview with Caprivi Vision at one of the sites where the street signs were vandalised, Mr. Muyoba warned offenders that such behavior will not be tolerated.

“Us as a council, will not waste time in getting people arrested because they have been numerous complaints of people saying they don`t know the street names” he explained.

He responded to the incident that the Katima Mulilo Town Council have answered to that call, in putting up street names in every street of the town.

“ so what we are trying to do is that at least people should know where they are staying and that in terms of directions it should be easy but If the residents embark on vandalising these signs, we will just open cases with the Police so that they can be arrested”, warned Mr. Muyoba.

He went on saying that if they (residents) have complaints, then they should lodge them with the council in writing.

“If a name of the street needs to be changed, we will know what to do through consultation, we cannot change streets, we put them according to the names that were given to us ”. He quashed.

He advised people that they should work together to see how they can develop the town of Katima Mulilo.
“They are a number of issues that are happening and council cannot address these issues alone but we can address them with others, if they are political reasons from people damaging these names, at least they should channel them to us so that we can know. This is disrespectful especially the tempering of a name of a hero like Mr.Hainyeko, they don`t know the contribution he made to the struggle”, he concluded.

The Caprivi Vision also established that the naming of street names was done by the previous first council.

Other developments in the town so far are the new road signs sponsored by National Road Safety Council which began in 2011 and the next project to follow this year will be the erection of road Traffic signals in town.





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