Katima Council fixes broken water pipe

By Staff Reporter

A WATER crisis in Katima Mulilo is back to normal after the Katima Mulio Town Council fixed its old water pipeline this afternoon.

The burst of water pipe caused havoc in the surrounding neighbourhoods along the street road between Mavuluma Secondary School and the New Apostolic Church and this negatively submerged the church premises and the sport ground of Caprivi Senior Secondary School.

Katima Council broken water pipe

KMTC Acting Chief Executive Officer Mr. Patrick Lilungwe confirmed to Caprivi Vision that the situation was due to breakage of the old water pipeline installed in the last decades in the old location of NHE.

He assured the residents that this was fixed yesterday but again broke out this morning and it has been maintained the situation is back to normal.
Katima Residents have been without water since Tuesday morning, and this has mostly affected business operations in town.

Caprivi Vision has also established from the bereaved families who were waiting for the autopsy to be conducted this week, but was also not met due to lack of water at the Katima Mulilo State mortuary, and this has delayed their burial programs.





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