Kaapanda condemns passion killing and baby dumpings

By Simon Liseli at Mayuni

Minister of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Joel Kaapanda recently condemned the escalating crimes perpetrated against vulnerable women and children and the high rate of teenage pregnancies and baby dumping in Namibia.

Minister of Information Communication and Technology (ICT), Mr. Joel Kaapanda speaking at Mayuni Senior Secondary School this month.

Kaapanda called against the rampant scourge saying it is disheartening to note that women and children are falling victims to passion killings, rape, domestic violence at the hands of their partners and family.

Kaapanda also voiced against the high rate of teenage pregnancies amongst school children, which he attributed to alcohol and drug abuse and called on parents, teachers, traditional authorities and Police officers to devise strategies that will address this plight.

“It is disheartening to note that violence against women and children is occurring every day especially passion killing, rape of young girls and dumping innocent children.I am told that there are traditional healers or witch-doctors who are advising people to sleep with virgin girls to be cured from HIV/AIDS, or if they wish to have fortune in their business dealing, that results in children being molested, he said.

“Learners should be informed that indulging themselves in unprotected sexual activities puts them at risk of contracting HIV and falling pregnant is detrimental to their future,” Kaapanda said.

Kaapanda’s condemnation came to the fore during his recent visit to Mayuni Senior Secondary School area, where he addressed the Mashi tribal authority’s 9th year anniversary of the Tulikonge cultural festival, where he also denounced tribalism, nepotism and regionalism.

It was also on the same platform that Kaapanda, who spoke to hundreds of learners, called for unity of the Namibian people to work together, through the nationhood and national Pride campaign, to promote the country.
The nationhood and national pride campaign, under the theme “Love my Namibia, My Country, My Pride”, was launched by President Hifikepunye Pohamba on April 27, 2011 in Windhoek.

School learners at Mayuni

The aim of the campaign is to instill the spirit of nationhood and national pride in the Country, spirit of belonging, respect of the national symbols, guard against tribalism, acts of vandalism of public properties, promote hygiene and sanitation and address violence against women and children.

“Our national symbols are the foundation of our existence as a nation because the rest of the world identifies us as Namibians by these symbols. No matter to what tribe, you belong, we are Namibians irrespective of our tribes and ethnicity Namibia is our common home.

“It is saddening to observe the country gradually falling into a trap of tribalism peaceful co-existence and intra-ethnic harmony that existed amongst Namibians of different linguistic group is gradually evaporating and systemically being substituted by hate and animosity.We must commit ourselves to noble ideas as a nation and we must treat each other with respect and compassion with a spirit of care and love.We should condemn tribalism because it is the disease,” said Kaapanda.

Kaapanda also called on the Caprivi region residents to preserve and keep the country clean saying “the Country has the best environmental and wildlife conservation and utilization of natural resources for the benefit of the current and future generation”.

At the same occasion, Linyanti constituency councilor and Member of Parliament Cletius Sipapela took to the podium and informed those in attendance that the Mayuni high school and Choi primary school will benefit from rural electrification by end of this month.






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