Former NDF Soldier in Limbo

By Siseho Sikopo

A Former member of the Namibian Defence Force has bemoaned the Ministry of Defence for delaying his pension payout, which has left him black-listed and in danger of having his house repossessed.

Mr Mwanangombe Mubyana explaining his dire situation to Caprivi Vision

Mr. Mwanangombe Grand Mubyana (44) resigned from the Ministry of Defence willingly in June this year where he was a Sergeant by rank.

Mr. Mwanangombe explained to Caprivi Vision that his last working day was on June 30, 2011 and after that it was only supposed to take three (3) months for him to receive his pension payout.

“It`s been over four months now and I have not received anything, my house is about to be repossessed and I still have other creditors breathing down my neck to repay them their money”, cried Mr. Mwanangombe.

He explained that his former employer (Ministry of Defence) is responsible through the Government Institution Pension Fund (GIPF) for paying the pension money.

It is alleged that GIPF received Mr. Mwanangombe`s letter of collateral through Ministry of Defence from First National Bank(FNB), he further revealed that two people from GIPF Ms. Kemp and Ms. Clarke are working with Pension and Collateral files.

“Whenever I try to enquire about my problem, I am told that they (Ministry of Defence) received the letter of collateral and Tax directive but have not sent the file to GIPF”. Said Mr. Mwanagombe.

He added that he is always told to wait whenever he calls and at times referred to Major Manjeti, “all the time I call I get a lot of excuses, when I want to speak to the Chief of Staff Personnel Gen. Njoba, I am always diverged until all the money I use for calling is finished”.

Mr. Mwanangombe who is a father of five and the only breadwinner in his family and also still supporting other family members further moaned to Caprivi Vision that all of this situation has put him in a difficult position and pleaded to the people responsible to speed up the process and pay out his money so he can provide for his family.
When contacted for comment to get clarity on Mr. Mwanangombe`s situation, Ms. Kemp from the Ministry of Defence explained to this reporter that the problem is not with her Department but with GIPF Because her Ministry has completed the client`s claim and sent it to GIPF who have to work out the claim and finalise everything.

Caprivi Vision also contacted the GIPF Offices in Windhoek to find out whether indeed Mr. Mwanangombe`s Claim was received and a source within GIPF revealed that, it was received just recently on the 26th of October 2011, “so it is going to take plus-minus six (6) weeks for the claim to be processed and it should be finalised by mid December of this year”, the source further added.





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