Concerned Caprivians hold a protest march

By Dominic Sikopo

A group of concerned people calling themselves as the Caprivi Concerned Group held a peaceful demonstration on Thursday to express their grievances against the changing of the Caprivi region name to that of Zambezi.Stop provoking us

The group marched from the town park all the way to the office of the Governor where they handed their petition to Mr. Ignatius Nkunga, Special Advisor to the Governor of the newly named Zambezi region, Lawrence Sampofu, after it had been read by Mr. Robert Matongela who is the Deputy Chairperson of the concerned group.

Before handing out the petition Mr. Matongela read it out stating the history of the former Caprivi explaining that all along the region had been reffered to as Caprivi and it is part of the people`s identity as to why they felt the name change shouldn`t have been done, the group also complained of the part of the newly established Kavango-East as they say, that decision to divide Kavango region into two has cost the Caprivi part of their land as the region of Kavango has extended into Caprivi region.

This is the same petition that was read out by Mr. Robert Sililo regarding the same matters, the group feel that proper consultation were not held regarding the changing of the name from Caprivi to Zambezi, they stated in the same petition that a referendum should be held on the matter with regards to changing the name.

Mr. Nkunga upon accepting the petition from the group explained that they had already received it but that they would follow proper procedures and promised to hand the petition to all relevant personnel as the Regional Governor was absent.

Some of the Concerned Caprivians
Some of the Concerned Caprivians

Before receiving the petition on behalf of the Governor, Mr. Nkunga was angered by chanting words and songs which said “Down Sampofu Down, Down Nkunga Down” and he failed to hold his temper and resisted by manhandle a Caprivi Concerned Group member Mr. Linyando until when the police and other members intervened.

In their revolutionary songs were communicating the messages saying “Down Kawana down,Down Siboleka down , Viva Democracy, Viva Respect, Caprivi which is having our history”






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