Children of the Liberation Struggle Cry foul


CHILDREN who were born in exile during the liberation struggle of Namibia plan to stage a peaceful Demonstration on February 9, 2012 in Katima Mulilo.

Speaking to Caprivi Vision, three executive members of the Namibian Exile Kids Association (NEKA) in the Caprivi Region confirmed that they would march the streets of Katima Mulilo from the Katima Mulilo Open Market to the Caprivi Regional Council where they will hand over the petition to the Caprivi Regional Governor, Honourable Lawrence Sampofu.

“We want to stage a peaceful demonstration to uproot corruption and these people are busy hiding our names and they don’t consider us to be important people,” said Ms. Mavis Kapelwa(26) the Deputy Chairperson.

“ We have proved this since 2010, five (5) names were given to Mr. Situnda for recruitment of any post in the Ministry of Works and Transport in Caprivi but later said the list got lost ” said Ms. Kapelwa.

Mr. Kenneth Muhongo ( 28), Regional Chairperson of NEKA , the son of the retired soldier Mr. Leonard Muhongo also divulged to this paper that the list was only broadcasted once and only two people heard their names on NBC local radio station.

He alleged that it is too hard for them to get opportunities since the recruitment of the Namibian Police only took three trainees out of fifteen.

“ We will hand over the petition to the governor who will then forward it to the permanent secretary of the Ministry of Youth and the Chairperson of the Namibian Exile Kids Association Dr. Sam Nujoma ” said Ms. Kapelwa a daughter to the late James Kapelwa, former major of the Namibia Defence Force who died in 2003.

The secretary for NEKA in the Caprivi Region, Ms. Bennitha Sameja (23) a daughter to the late Joseph Sameja who died in 2011 as a Captain in the Namibia Defence Force who completed her Grade 12 last year added that “I need Job we were 22 and 11 are still roaming”.

“ Why are they hating us much, we have to get those jobs because our parents fought for this land, they say we are not educated, we will continue struggling until we get jobs”

The first demonstration of the Children of the liberation struggle was first held in 2009 countrywide.

Contacted for comments, an official Ms. Magdalena Nashilongo in the Ministry of Youth, National Service, Sport and Culture who spoke on behalf of the Permanent Secretary Dr. Peingeondjabi Shipoh who was locked up for ministerial meetings told Caprivi Vision that her Ministry is only responsible in registering Children of the Liberation Struggle and has so far embarked in the programme that will create a balance among the unemployed Kids of the struggle who have qualifications and those who do not have proper educational qualification to benefit equally in the National Service Scheme.

Ms. Nashilongo further added that the recruitment is being done by various line ministries where the applicants at the time of registration made their own choices.

Ms. Bennitha Sameja, Secretary , Ms. Mavis Kapelwa ,Deputy Chairperson and Mr. Kenneth Muhongo, Regional Chairperson of NEKA Vist Caprivi Vision Offices






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