Children with disabilities need equal education

Dear Editor,

Allow me a space to express my views in your respected newspaper. Three (3) years ago when I was doing my School Based Studies at Makanga Combined School, at about 70 kilometers west of Katima Mulilo in Makanga Area.

Ms.Sharon Liswani, Project Manager
Ms.Sharon Liswani, Project Manager

I was touched by the treatment given to some learners with disability in classroom during teaching and learning process. These learners with disabilities seemed to endure ignorant and discrimination. Their peers did not want to share learning resources with them. They regard them as cursed and useless learners. These learners with disabilities looked not happy at all time and could not actively participate in any class discussion and activities. However after completing my (SBS), I discussed this matter with the school principal Mr.Zork Fumano. I suggested if it can be possible for these learners to be given their own classroom so that they may be joined by some kids with disabilities found in the area.

My proposal was denied and declined. According to the principal, he said that it’s not a good idea but it will be very good to look for them a building somewhere or separately from the school, because the school is running a shortage of classrooms to accommodate more learners.

I then followed the principal’s idea, I searched for a place and I got a house for rent. Thereafter, I embarked upon mission to look for all the kids in our area. I found and collected many of them.

We officially started with our project in March 2013 with 12 learners and with little resources I had. This is because I saw that there was a great need in the community to include the children with disability in the kindergarten project.

After 6 months, we shifted to my place, because we could no longer afford to pay the rent. Later on, the project was named after Lusiye Holly Special School by the indigenous community members.

However, today my school is known as Simama Special School formerly known as Lusiye Holly Special School.

The name Simama, means the project is now caters for three areas (Sibbinda, Makanga and Masida).

At Simama Special Pre-School, we aim to provide kindergarten activities for orphans, vulnerable children and children with disabilities. At the moment we have 33 children attending morning to afternoon classes (08:00 -12:00pm) these kids are being dropped every morning while parents go to their daily activities. There are four staff members at the project, one caregiver and three teachers including the manager.

As an agent of change, please may you be informed that I do posses passion and a certificate in Pre-Primary Education. Am dedicated, committed, determined and hardworking person who wants these children to receive the education they need and deserve, despite the difficulties they face in their life being orphan, vulnerable or having disabilities.

The senior headman, Mr. Charles Silipeni is very much in fovour of this project and has given us a plot. However, there are no funds available to build a kindergarten. That is why we are currently operating at the manager’s house (Sharon Liswani).There is no budget pay wages, currently we are all volunteers. All children come from a very poor background and whatever we can; we provide them with a meal when they come to the kindergarten.

we have also tried all gears to ask for help through the office of our Linyanti Councillor, honourable Sipapela Cletius as well as our mighty Zambezi Governor Mr.Sampofu Lawrence but all in vain.

We therefore, give thanks to the businessman, Mr. Kabunga Ivan who donated 20 chairs for these poor kids. Our main demand and request is to be provided with a building, since these kids endured the whole winter under the tree and summer is approaching now and this is our great concern and fear.

We humbly request whether there is any Good Samaritan or donor who can sympathize to support this project either financially or materially to assist us in training the staff members.

For more information call Sharon Liswani, Project Manager at +264816940619  








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