Caprivi Concerned group holds conference over name change

By Dominic Sikopo

“The name Zambezi does not unify people as you will find that maybe those who are living by the Zambezi river might feel ok with the name but others like those who are living in areas like Mukwe in the Western Caprivi might not agree with the name”, Says Caprivi Concerned group Chairperson Mr. Roberts Kamwi Sililo.

Mr. Roberts Kamwi Sililo , Chairpers  of the Caprivi Concerned group
Mr. Roberts Kamwi Sililo , Chairperson of the Caprivi Concerned group

Representatives of the Caprivi Concerned Group  held a press conference on Tuesday to express their grievances over the re naming of the formerly (Caprivi) region to Zambezi in Katima Mulilo.

Before the conference commenced officially, it was stressed seriously that all those of the Caprivi Concerned group were not at the conference representing any political party or organisation but were there representing the views of the people.

Mr.Sililo read out briefly the history of the former Caprivi region as to give a better understanding as to why they were against the name change.

“Therefore we the Concerned Caprivians, standing for Unity, Peace, Democracy emphatically register our hearty-felt and sincere concerns regarding the name change and other unilateral decisions by the Government of the Republic of Namibia in Caprivi and over Caprivians”, said Mr. Sililo.

He went on to further read out some of the concerned group`s pleas among them were the total rejection of the name change and cutting off of the region, rejection of the outcome of the Delimitation Commission since they felt it does not reflect the opinion and vision of the masses of Caprivians.

“We also move to have the border demarcation shifted to Andara for the sake of respecting Colonial Boundaries since Caprivi has got a unique history compared to all the regions of Namibia”, added Mr. Sililo.

He concluded by stating, “We therefore pronounce that come the 29th of August 2013, all peace loving Caprivians and our Brothers and Sisters in Political and trade related support should rise to demonstrate against the imposed name change to Zambezi and other unilateral decisions taken by the Regional Council, Delimitation Commission and the Government of the day”.

Some of the Caprivi Concerned Group Members
Some of the Caprivi Concerned Group Members

It was argued by some members who were in attendance as they felt that changing of the name must be done through proper communication and by means of a referendum.

Some felt that common heritage is shared in the name Caprivi and that changing it is destined to destroy their identity and bring division among the people.

The Concerned group also felt that the Delimitation Committee that was in the region earlier this year did not do a good job as proper consultation with the people was not done.







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