NEW signals have racked again on how one should understand the Caprivi Politics with its strength and weakness from the past to present time.
The formation of the political party known as Caprivi African National Union (CANU) on the public domain today is an old issue kept in the calabash which was left unattended for the past decades.

Risco Lumamezi

We all know that the particular party was formed in the Caprivi Strip, under the leadership of the missing hero late Mr. Brendan Kangongolo Simbwaye as its President and Mr. Albert Mishake Muyongo as its Vice – President , who escaped into exile in Demark where he is now campaigning for his endless mission to free Caprivi.

It is understood that CANU fought outside the country to liberate the country (Caprivi) and joined forces with the other people who were from South West Africa, under the political party called South West Africa People’s Organisation (SWAPO), which was formed from German South West Africa at the time under the leadership of Namibia’s first president and Founding Father Dr. Sam Nujoma.
When we consult our old historians (Grand Parents now classified as Village commentators), one will understand that Caprivi at the time only had one political party , CANU. It was a political umbrella for Caprivian tribes.

CANU stood up against the minority British and Germans imperialist but history does not tell us which political party ruled the Caprivi Region, before such imperialists resettled therein.
Historians continue to say that the area was under the leadership of Traditional Chiefs of the Barotseland of the western province of Zambia, which was under the leadership of our Traditional Chiefs.

When one goes deeper into history of CANU, one is bound to learn that CANU and SWAPO signed a merger agreement on November 5, 1964 in Lusaka to fight against the common enemy of the then South West Africa.
The alleged signed document in Mr Muyongo’s possession has its existence disputed, with some claiming that the said document was doctored and later burnt in a fire blaze that attacked SWAPO offices in Zambia.

However, Mr. Muyongo is adamant that he has a copy of the signed merger agreement safely kept in his briefcase and has on numerous occasion told Caprivi Vision he will produce the copy when the time spells for the right opportunity.

It is said that, CANU started the rebellion while in exile, where the Caprivians under CANU leadership headed by Mr. Muyongo, claimed that they had intentions to liberate their motherland which was known as Itenge or Linyanti.

CANU members, who returned first in the region from exile, allegedly made marred dirty statements about the party based on tribal grounds as it was now divided , with many refereeing to call it CANU for Masubia and CANU for Mafwe.

On this, the Traditional Chiefs lost their political hope from the likes of Mr. Muyongo and his loyal associates, who later went on to form a new party called United Democratic Party ( UDP).
However in 2006, the Electoral Commission of Namibia (ECN) denied Mr. Robert Kamwi Sililo to register and revive the party CANU , despite citing it merged with SWAPO during Liberation struggle of Namibia in 1964.

A fact that is now confusing is that, if one has to look into the footsteps of our fore fathers, will we be able to identify that the exiled Muyongo is our Founding father because he tied nodes?
I suggest he tells us the truth on the merger agreement, amongst the many unanswered questions such as who killed Mr Simbwaye and where his gravesite can be located.

Such is the case with the 1968 massacre where Heroes such as Mr.Dickson Chatambula Masida was roasted on fire by the enemy South African Defence Force (SADF).
The horrific massacre left many families, disabled persons, children and women, were left with no option but sought refuge in neighbouring Zambia, in fear of persecution.
In Zambia, these displaced persons and families were awarded refugee status in camps around Senanga, Mayukwayukwa and Nyango.

Hence, I feel that a lot still needs to be done on how Caprivian heroes and heroines should be recognised in this country.
But this new dawn of reviving CANU should be seen as a positive move if it will solve the politics of secession in Caprivi.





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