Sioka commends women in Katima

By Chaze Chika

GENDER Equality and Child Welfare Minister, Doreen Sioka has commended women for their generosity support during the international women’s day held in Katima Mulilo recently.

GENDER Equality and Child Welfare Minister, Doreen Sioka

In her keynote address, the amused Namibian Gender Minister Hon.Sioka launched the National Action Plan for the Convention of the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW).

“As I am standing here, I cannot hide my joy but rather say  it out l am so pleased to speak to you on this important  and remarkable  commemoration  of International Women’s day, 08 March 2018 and launch the National  Action Of Plan for the implementation of the Convention of the Elimination of All forms of Discrimination Against Women’’. Sioka cautioned.

On the National Action Plan, the Namibian Government has committed itself to implementation of the Convention on the elimination of discrimination against Women.

The current Action Plan states that“ Namibia has made progress in fulfilling its obligation under CEDAW by formulating  the National Gender Policy with its two National Plans of Action, which are National Gender Plan of Action (2012-2020)and National Plan Of Action On Gender Based Violence (2012-2016) currently under review’’.

However, Mr Salatiel Shinedima the Executive Director of Women’s Action for Development (WAD) shared a message by thanking Namibian women for their hard work and hardships in taking care of their families besides challenges of abuse, equality, poverty and the scourge of HIV and AIDS.

‘’ I extend my most sincere congratulations to all women in Namibia who continue to strive towards excellence, despite prejudices facing them to be recognised as equal human beings”. Mr.Shinedima said.

Hon.Doreen Sioka, Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare cutting a ribbon for the National Action Plan, with Governor Lawrence Sampofu ( Right) during the commemoration of International Day of  Women held in Katima Mulilo on March 8, 2018

Women‘s Action for  Development  also commended  all resilient mothers who are raising  and feeding their  families very often  single handed , while remembering  all those unfortunate women suffering  at the hands  of poverty , abuse and affected  and  inflicted with the HIV-virus and other misfortunes due to poverty.

Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrence Sampofu together with his community joined the Minister of Gender Equality and Child Welfare in celebrating the International Women’s day which was officially hosted in Katima Mulilo, Thursday March 8.

International women’s day is a day created to honour women and the remarkable things that they do.






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