Aftermath of August 2,shootings claims suffering in Zambezi

By Chaze Chika

Mr. Domingo Armando Jaime (49) differently challenged Angolan refugee

THE Caprivi aftermath  secessionist uprising plot of August 2, 1999 in Zambezi formally known as Caprivi region that claimed a number of lives 19 years ago is still affecting Mr. Domingo Armando Jaime in the streets of Katima Mulilo today.

An Angolan born national Mr Domingo aged 49,who came to Zambezi region to seek for citizenship in 1989 broke silence about how the plot of 2 August 1999 has made life difficult for him up to this day and pleads for help.

Poor Domingo is a resident of Cowboy who eke-out a living as a shoemaker in the corridor chain shops of Katima Mulilo, told the drama story that “I was at home when the shooting was taking place when Namibian soldiers came and accused me of being a rebel, asked me to produce my papers. I told them that I was from Angola and I just applied for citizenship I  showed them the papers, the soldiers took the  papers and shot my right leg I was rushed to the hospital where my leg was cut-off’’.

Mr Domingo was sent back home and he did not know what to do about the matter until he was advised in 2004 by the Angolan embassy to open a case at Katima Mulilo police station which he immediately did.

Even though Mr Domingo has been living of his sewing business it has been hard for him to cope with one leg and using a wheelchair. The effect of his leg been cut has made him vulnerable to other illnesses and these illnesses are spreading throughout his body and he has lost the ability to speak properly, his high blood pressure is always up he still fears for his health because it is really not in a good condition.

The twist is that nothing has been done to help Mr. Domingo, the case was closed because he did not have enough evidence even though their witnesses that he presented in January 2018 but since 2004 this matter remains unsolved as an Angolan citizen he does not receive the disability grant from the government.

However, Lieutenant General Sebastian Haitota Ndeitunga the Inspector General of the Namibian Police, in a letter dated 15 March 2017 seen by The Caprivi Vision responded that “The Namibian police force is aware of this notable case, however the case was filed  at Katima Mulilo police station  as unsolved because  there were no concrete evidence  witnesses neither  any forensic  facts which is definitely linking any  subjects to the crime’’. Ndeitunga stressed.

Mr Domingo’s plea is to help him get answers since 2004 he has been waiting in vain and nothing has been done, the incident did not just  take his right leg but it took away his good health and his ability to provide for himself without any problems.

Caprivi Vision has also established that this differently challenged  Angolan refugee opened his case against the NDF. The case reference number is CR 140/10/2004 and a reference number is 10/8/5(199/21004).






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