Zambezi records 4 positive cases of COVID 19

By Risco Lumamezi

Reports of the deadly Coronavirus has surfaced in the might Zambezi region with four (4) positive cases since the start of the epidemic in the country.

On Monday a health worker was tested positive at Ngweze Clinic which is located in the location of Cowboy within the vicinity of Katima Mulilo.

Katima Mulilo State Hospital

Probing to hear more clarity on the increasing number of the positive cases in Katima Mulilo and where do they come from, and when was these cases.

Regional Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services Ms. Agnes Mwilima divulged to Caprivi Vision that “the procedure is that regions give the information to the head office for the honourable minister to announce”

Asked to comment why the ministry was still holding information on the latest suspected positive case and whether there any contacts, Ms. Mwilima stressed that “the time he announced the person and they were not yet informed”

“I would advice that we continue applying preventive measures with or without personal particulars” cautioned Zambezi Health Director.

She further said that “we are disinfecting,testing  all the contacts.reopen when we get results”

So far Zambezi has reported 4 positive cases, Two (2) recoveries and no confirmed death, a lot of contact, tracing and ongoing testing.

On Tuesday, Namibia has recorded a total of 1366 positive cases, 22 new cases, 57 recoveries, 1302 active cases, 7 deaths.






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