Zambezi pressure group to protest on Friday

By Simon Liseli

Mr. Rassboom Mwemba, Zambezi Pressure Group Organiser

Zambezi pressure group is to conduct a peaceful protest march on Friday, October 21, 2022 in Katima Mulilo.

This well organized and planned mass peaceful demonstration by Katima Mulilo residents and the entire residents of Zambezi region will see masses of residents marching on the streets of Katima Mulilo.

The demonstration will be under the theme: ‘All people of Zambezi stand together and hold their leaders accountable’.

In an exclusive telephonic interview with Caprivi Vision Mr. Rassboom Mwemba one of the organisers said the demonstration is well organised as they took long-time preparing for it. He stated that people are ready for it because they are well informed.

Mr. Mwemba pointed out that the aims of the demonstration are for the Katima Mulilo Town Council to find an urgent solution to relocate demolished victims of Lwanyanda and New Cowboy, poor infrastructure within the town of Katima, “as you can see our roads, N$10 Million was pumped in to revamp roads and repair damages but today what do you see, not even a sign” questioned Rassboom.

He added that the demonstration will also consider on the dirtiness around town and ablution facilities on land, these will be among others that will be focused on in this mass demonstration.

The approved petition by the police will be handed over to Katima Mulilo Town Council and all demonstrators will meet at Choto sports field  early morning at 06H00 on  Friday where marching will commence at 08H30 through Hage Geingob street and turn into Lifasi street and finally to the town council where the petition will be handed over.

He appealed to all demonstrators not to carry on any type of weapon during demonstration because it’s a peaceful demonstration that will need urgent solutions for the residents of the region.






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