Zambezi Pressure Group condemns Katima Council Councillors

By Simon Liseli

Mr. Rasboom Mwembwa , Community and Land Activist (Right) hands over a petition to the Katima Mulilo Deputy Mayor her worship Christina Chizabulyo Simanga and honourable Beritha Namangolwa Mapenzi(Left)

Zambezi Pressure Group has condemned the Katima Mulilo Town Council’s local authority councillors for failing to show up when handing over their petition.

A group of concerned Katima residents held their peaceful demonstration on Thursday, after they failed to protest on Friday, October 21, 2022 due to the delay of the Namibian police who failed to accompany them.

Community and Land Activist, Mr. Rasboom Mwemba reading the petition

However, speaking before the hand-over of the petition, Community and Land Activist Mr. Rasboom Mwemba explained that the demonstration was intended to handover the petition in the presence of all seven (7) Councillors not two (2) SWAPO Councillors.

He added that as local authority councillors were voted into seats they are holding today by people they do not want to see or attend to their problems.

The demonstration was about to be called-off as demonstrators wanted to see all seven local authority councillors.

“We need to see our councillors otherwise we are not going to handover our petition, we are going to call it off and whatever will happen don’t blame us because we are here to hand the petition but councillors don’t want to attend to us, that is undermining our intelligence” he stressed.

Mr. Mwemba pointed out that last time when they were invited to meet Urban and Rural Development Minister, councillors didn’t attend the meeting only few residents appeared.

He lamented the fact that before the demonstration, the council was notified about it but they were surprised to see only two councillors who received their petition, the deputy mayor her worship Christina Chizabulyo Simanga and honourable Beritha Namangolwa Mapenzi.

“We were prepared to handover our petition to all councillors not two, why are they hiding in offices, we are peaceful people who voted them and when we need them they have to attend to us that is why we notified them in time but they are undermining our intelligence and mind you hungry people are almost angry, whatever will be happening don’t point a finger at me because it’s not my fault but people’s action that will be taken not my action” he explained.

The deputy mayor told demonstrators that the CEO was attending a meeting in council’s boardroom is why he failed to attend to them.

Councillor Mapenzi added that “We can’t force issues as the deputy mayor said, the mayor is attending a special event at UNAM and other councillors are writing examinations only us two are present, if that is the case that you want all seven councillors you can decide what to do whether you decide to call it off is up to you or you can handover the petition it will be taken to the rightful office so we cannot force issues because we are here to represent our fellow councillors”

In their petition, they accused Katima Council for failing to deliver all promised developmental projects.

The petition revealed that there is poor realignment of department managers of transferring qualified staff from their rightful positions to positions they do not hold any qualifications. Unnecessary suspension of workers and delay of interview results that is bringing confusions to residents as council is appointing some staff to occupy department positions which they do not qualify to hold.

They also want to know how far is the N$10 million that was availed to revamp roads in town as rain is approaching.

They added that sewer system in the town remains a sore and pre-paid water system is activated in China and sales vending point is only one.

They also mentioned in their petition that there are poor road networks in the town, poor servicing and distribution of land. They also want a new open market that will accommodate all street vendors and a serviced bus station that will promote harmony among residents. They have also blamed for response from fire department and delay in attending to problems when job cards had been opened.

They pointed out that since the eviction of Lwanyanda and Cowboy, no solution has been found and the rainy season has approached.

Residents of Katima Mulilo holding the placards at the front get of Katima Mulilo Town Council

They demanded the CEO Mr. Raphael Liswaniso to re-align staff to the positions which they qualify with their academic qualifications and to reinstate all suspended managers with immediate effect.

They demanded the council to release interview results and give positions applied for to qualified candidate. The demonstrators have also demanded for a full report on how the N$10 million was used and to explain why the construction of roads has not yet started.

On developments within Katima Mulilo town they demanded for proper sewer system within 30- working days with pre-paid water system being activated in town and more vending points.

They also demand the council to fasten land servicing and auditing. They further demanded for bus terminal and quick response from fire department and quick solution when job cards are opened.

They concluded by demanding for the relocation of demolished victims of Lwanyanda and Cowboy within 5 working days and promised for radical action if their demands won’t be met within the given period.

The petition was read by Mr. Rasboom Mwemba community and land activist and was received by the deputy mayor on behalf of the council her worship Christina Chizabulyo Simanga who promised the demonstrators that the petition will be handed over to relevant authorities.







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