Zambezi governor commends traditional chiefs

By Simon Liseli at Choi

ZAMBEZI Regional Governor Lawrence Alfea Sampofu has strongly commended traditional chiefs for staying united and focusing on development in the region.

ZAMBEZI Regional Governor Lawrence Alfea Sampofu

Governor Sampofu praised traditional leaders for the unity they display to their followers as they visit each other and sit together shoulder to shoulder.

According to him that is the only way through which peace, security and tranquility could be maintained in the region and to the country at large.

He made these sentiments during the 13th Tulikonge annual cultural festival that was held at Mayuni Royal establishment some 120 kilometers west of Katima Mulilo on September 10, 2017.

Hon. Sampofu was quoted mentioning that in last year speech of his royal highness chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni of the Mashi Community requested academics to produce books written in siFwe that will contain their history, “I hope children around this area have taken note of that important request” he said.

Chief Borniface Tembwe Mayuni ( far Right) Chief Kisco Maiba Liswani( Centre) and Chief Boniface Shifu ( Left)

He called upon residents of the area to reject Caprivi Concerned Group, “These elements are trying to bring tribalism and disunity in the region. We have seen what happened in other countries and on 2nd August 1999 we do not want that situation to repeat itself and I want to inform the resident of this region that we as government we are watching whatever they are doing and one day actions will be taken. Government of Namibia watches war against poverty, diseases and crimes” he noted.

He is also calling for cooperation among members of the Namibian police force and community in order to maintain peace and stability. “The Namibian police are there to protect us and to investigate causes of crimes and crime itself in our residence” stressed Sampofu.

The governor repeatedly calling on community to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse because it’s killing the nation especially youth.

Looking on the rainfall season for the end of 2016 and earlier this year, Zambezi governor encouraged farmers to start working on their fields because hydrologists are indicating that good rain will still come again this year.

He informed the gathering that the government is also committed to provide boreholes of water and phase three of Kongola, Lizauli, Sangwali and Kapani will be soon completed together with Katima Mulilo to Ngoma pipeline.

In his conclusion remark, he called upon residents and leaders of Zambezi region to refrain from tribalism, regionalism and corruption which he described to be diseases against developments. “Where there’s peace, tranquility investors will be interested to come and work with us so that we develop ourselves,” he concluded.






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