Zambezi Education Director Clarifies Changes In Secondary Schools

By Risco Lumamezi

EDUCATION Director for Zambezi Ms.Joy Mamili has clarified some changes and transitions of the newly implemented curriculum in junior and senior secondary schools that has sparked angers to parents and lack of resources.

In a telephonic interview with the Caprivi Vision recently Ms Mamili explained that grade 9 will be the former grade 10 because they are two curriculums which have been implemented at the same time, the revised and the old curriculum.

Ms.Joy Mamili ,Education Director for Zambezi

“The grade 9 now for example if you go to Mavuluma junior secondary school and they tell you that they have grade 9 if your child goes back to grade 9 is actually goes to grade 10 the old curriculum”.

She added saying schools that were going up to grade 10, they may be going only up to grade 9 and that grade 9 is the former grade 10 because they will be writing external examination in grade 9 and learners will be completing school at grade 11 level not necessarily at grade 12, but with the old curriculum continuing because grade 10, 11, and 12 is still ahead for two years.

However, in accordance with the new curriculum, learners will be completing the tertiary education in grade 11 and proceed to other higher institutions if they qualify or go to grade 12 on their choice.“Some higher institutions might say they want the ordinary like the way it is now we have higher and ordinary level so even now the national senior secondary certificate is in two (2) levels one in grade 11 and the advanced one in grade 12” Mamili stressed.

Director Mamili gave an example that if a student goes to a college or do a diploma course or some degree courses they may not require the advanced level, may be only medicine and engineering but not assuring because higher institutions may seek for their requirements to the new curriculum.

She explained that a learner can go out of grade 11 and be employed or go to any higher institution and at grade 9 they can also still go for employment or go for vocational courses or exit to do other diploma courses because grade 9 will now become the old grade 10 and certificates will be received in grade 9 like the way they used to do in grade 10 that is the way the new curriculum it is, learners may exit at grade 9 or grade 11.

“That is where our people don’t understand they are saying we have taken away their grade 10, grade 10 is still there its only the number that changed its now grade 9 so now you have fewer years to complete school that in the olden days that is the advantage of the new curriculum and that is what I would prefer the media to bring out, what are the advantages of the new curriculum the revised one” She further.

Grade 9 learners enrolled this year will write their Junior Secondary School examinations which is equivalent to the old grade 10 certificate, and the current grade 11 learners will be the last intake to finish the old curriculum in grade 12 next year(2020), and the revised curriculum will be fully implemented in 2021 while in 2022 grade 13(A level) will be introduced for the first-time in the senior secondary schools of Namibia.

The revised curriculum year of implementation for basic education will be implemented as follows: Phase/Grade

Junior Primary 2015
Senior Primary 2016
Grade 8 2017
Grade 9 2018
Grade 10 2019
Grade 11 2020
Grade 12 2021
Grade 13 (A level) 2022







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