Word on the Streets of Katima Mulilo on Prostitutions in Namibia

Following heated debates in the Namibia’s National Assembly ( Parliament ) by the representatives of the elected Political Parties in the country , The Caprivi Vision News Reporter , Simon Liseli took to the Streets of Katima Mulilo town with the question, Should prostitution be legalised in Namibia?

Mr. Ben Lukopani 26, a student at Zambezi Vocational Training Center (ZVTC) and his Friend Mr. Walters Mulonga a 21 year old male  who works for the Ministry of Education as a teacher  in the Otjozondjupa region  raised their comments saying legalising prostitution in Namibia will turn the country into a wrong  direction and it will be called differently from how it’s called today as people will be buying their deaths as there will be no respect   with a lot of diseases to spread rapidly throughout the country.

 “I don’t think the idea of legalising prostitution is right because what we can observe today in fuel service stations is not good at all, one girl can rotate seven truck drivers  in one night, if  you want to believe me go to one of the truck stop service stations you will see what I am telling you and you will believe me why I am saying legalising prostitution it will be something else especially in our region (Caprivi) as it is the main gate entrance to SADC” noted Mr. Lukopani.


They called on the government to come up with other developmental projects that can take out the youth, especially youth from doing dirty games in the country and to stop thinking about it. “Today even your wife or girl friend can tell you that she can’t run on a loss while others are getting money on their bodies and if you look carefully those who are doing that are the most beautiful girls and this is bringing down our region. Those people using them are shouting on us after getting what they want and if the government will make a mistake to legalise it we should forget about respect there will be only competing for money those who have money will even marry women who are already married because money will talk  and there will be no marriage” lamented Mr. Mulonga.

Mr. Jones Mushwena a 28 year old Namibian who works as a manager in one of the Chinese Shops in Katima Mulilo is of the opinion that prostitution should not be legalised in Namibia as because it will increase the spread of HIV/AIDS in the country.


“You can even hear and understand what it means, a person who sleeps around in return to get money and we know already that here in Namibia the privilege of getting HIV/AIDS is high since people are ignoring the use of contraceptives and we are also on top if we follow the HIV/AIDS statistics.

 People who are doing that should think of something for their better life not relying on prostitution, that is not a business it should be called off, those who will be identified practicing it should be punished to avoid the spread of HIV/ AIDS  with other infectious diseases.

Never should they think about that dirty game. A country like Namibia  which is still developing, so the government should reach its people with lessons that will speed up development, legalising prostitution to me is like allowing vicious activities in the country” stressed Mr. Mushwena.

However, Mr. Richard Limbindo (55) a Trade Unionist working for Namibia Public Workers Union (NAPWU) as a Branch Organiser in the Caprivi region and who also sits as the Chairperson for the Caprivi Pastor’s Forum defined the term prostitution as a person, especially a woman who sleeps around with different men intending to get financial assistance or any help to support herself and her family.

 Asked whether it should be legalised in the country “NO NO NO! Prostitution should not be legalised because the Bible doesn’t allow it, never never never … should it be legalised, Exodus 20 verse 14 in the bible says you shall not commit adultery, now allowing prostitution is against the bible and Proverbs 6 verse 25 clearly says, “Lust not after her beauty in her heart neither let her capture you with her eyelids” Noted Mr. Limbindo.

He added saying once prostitution be legalised in the country , lot of sickness and infectious diseases will affect people which will result to many deaths occurring and people will live like animals( immoral behavior)  without respect among parents and their own kids.

 “I would appeal to our government not to legalise that bad act, never never should it try that, I am reminding everybody who thinks it should be legalised to think of our children who are standing at Okahandja bridge waiting for truck drivers to pick them up which is human trafficking and at the end those truck drivers dump these children somewhere and suffering starts and now as a parent how do you feel getting your child engaging in such a dirty activity? Never never, to legalise it” Mr.Limbindo further caution the law markers not to ligalise prostitution in Namibia.

Mr. Hendricks Shitaa Fumise a 43 year old Namibian male and a teacher by profession said to him there is no problem with the legality of prostitution in the country with the reason that it will avoid child rape which is being committed around the country.

“You know prostitution is just like a commercial sex worker who sleeps around with many people in return to get money and other things, according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of sex need, sex is a basic need, and this Maslow is a Psychologist who is known by the other name as Abraham Maslow. Sex is at the bottom it can be legalized as long as contraceptives are used like in South Africa commercial sex is legalized why not here”. he said. 

Contacting women and girls to comment on the topic they refused to comment more on it and they called the topic as an insult, “Why should you have to ask me that? It’s the decision of the government to do it or not, some people here are not working that’s why maybe they are doing that to make their living” said a girl who refused to mention her name and her photo to appear in the newspaper.

The other woman who opted to be in anonymity was of the comment that if the government won’t do something to create employment in the country people will continue practice prostitution for their living. “You know those people are getting money and they wear nice clothes because they get money every day” she furthered.







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