Word on The Streets: Free Education

A challenge that existed some years ago to pay school fund for learners from Grade (1) to (7) has now turned out to be a thing of the past, the right to free education is stated in the Namibian Constitution Article 20 (2) of the Namibian constitution as enshrined “Primary education shall be compulsory and the State shall provide reasonable facilities to render effective this right for every resident within Namibia, by establishing and maintaining State schools at which primary education will be provided free of charge ” Caprivi Vision Reporter, Aldrin Mukendwa took to the streets of Katima Mulilo to get views on how parents and learners feel about the implementation of free education in government schools.

Mr Sibuku Trevor Muhinda a parent with a child in grade one, “We thank the government for that, and this is really free education which we were waiting for many years.”

Mr. Oscar Sakoi a parent of two siblings one in grade nine and the other in grade two had this to say.

“I thank our government for making this move, however I would like to request the ministry of education to also do the same for grade eighty to twelve in future years as some parents cannot afford to pay school fund for their children’s.”

Mubyana Rebuis , a sixteen year old and grade eighty ( 8) learner at Mavuluma Secondary School, “I feel good for the government to bring that idea because other parents can’t afford to pay school fund for their children, also request the ministry to have grade eighty to ten in this program.”

An anonymous parent of two learners’ one in grade two and the other in grade five is extremely happy.

“My two children’s are orphans, thou they receive the money for orphans and vulnerable children from the ministry of gender it’s not enough since I am unemployed, now we only buy uniform and.” she lamented

The youngest school child currently studying at Ngweze primary school who was paying hundred dollar for school fund is also happy for what the ministry of education did. “It’s a good idea because it helped parents who could not afford it as this time they will just buy uniform.”





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