Ms. Inonge Mwala (a relative of the deceased) read out the petition before it was handed over
By Dominic Sikopo

A GROUP of women recently held a peaceful demonstration in Katima Mulilo to protest and show their dismay at the brutal killing of Ms. Monde Mbololwa who had her throat slit by her lover Mr. Sonny Mbeha on a valentine day February 14, 2012.

The demonstrators marched from the town`s Open Market all the way to the government Offices in Boma to hand over their petition to the Caprivi Regional Governor Hon. Lawrence Sampofu.

Ms. Inonge Mwala (a relative of the deceased) read out the petition before it was handed over, “We the family members of the deceased would like to express our pain and sorrow regarding the disheartening manner in which our relative was brutally murdered, we want to strongly condemn this act before the Namibian nation, she said.”

She divulged the demands of the protesters among them were that the jail term of Life imprisonment be reinstated, that the minors who were present when the crime took place be put under protection and security and that they should also be counselled for shock and trauma.

Ms. Mwala added saying “We condemn the delay of the publication of the suspect`s photograph. We demand that there should no interference during the investigation process from the suspect`s family who are within the police force.”

They also demanded feedback and fair reporting from the Nampol (in particular, the Caprivi Region`s Nampol PRO) who is alleged to have given misleading information to the local radio station, the public and to a weekly publication.

They have also demanded that an offer of a reward from the Ministry of Safety and Security “We are very unhappy with the manner in which the investigation is being handled as it shows as if the suspect is being favoured, we call upon all peace loving Namibians and Africans at large to join us in condemning the brutal killing of women and children”. She concluded.

Public Prosecutor Mr. Jatiel Mundamburi was on hand to receive the petition; he explained to the public that he could not comment anything at the moment as investigations were still continuing and that when the culprit will be caught then justice will take its course.

This reporter also spoke to some women who were among the demonstrators to get their views on the recent killing, A woman who asked for anonymity said “Men of Namibia should state how much we (women) owe them because we are tired of situations like these, they should tell us so that we can pay and they can stop killing us and the Police are not doing enough, if it were a poacher killing an elephant they would hunt him down day and night, she said frustratingly.”

Another lady who also asked for anonymity had this to say “We need justice to be served, men are used in doing this kind of thing, here in Katima Mulilo when a person kills someone they are scot-free, and this has to change”.

An angry woman who also wished not to reveal her identity criticised the local police on their handling of the matter “these Police Officers, why don`t they follow the culprit into Botswana or wherever he is, as there is Interpol, they need to give out pictures of the suspect to all SADC countries.” She said.





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