Who is Mr. Change?

By Entertainment Reporter

An aspiring musician Mr. Chahinda Nico Kunanamufwa spoke to Caprivi Vision Entertainment desk about his love for music and his future in terms of his music career.

Where were you born and raised, and where did you attend your schooling?

I am from Sachinga, that is where I was raised and I did my schooling at Sachinga Combined School but I completed my Grade 11 and 12 at Sanjo Senior Secondary School.

Tell us More about your Music Career, where your love and inspiration comes from?

I started singing when I was 12 years of age , I would sing in the church and then I started singing at school with Mr. Obrin Mundeke where we were doing shows at school.I also performed at Sanjo and also at the Late David Mwinga`s Retirement party. My teacher also encouraged me to continue singing.

I draw my inspiration for music looking at different people and how they lead different live and because a lot of people have encouraged me to do it.

What type of music do you do?

I sing Active music and Gospel.

Have you released an Album yet?

Yes, I have released an Album titled “Home Life – Buhalo Kabu Swani” and I named it this way because I realised after I finished schooling that people are different and live different lives.

Can you tell us the songs on the Album?

The Songs are: Buhalo Kabu swani, Masubia/Mafwe tusaka inkozo, Instrumentals of the two songs.

Future Plans?

I am planning on releasing another album and at the moment I am still upgrading my subjects because in life when you fall down you have to get back up and never give up.


Watching and listening to music of other different artists and listening to the Radio.





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