Who is DJ Vuyo?

By Simon Liseli

He is a Reggae and Kwaito singer who hails from Makanga and Lizauli in Zambezi region, who was inspired by different musical artists such as the Dogg and Gazza in Namibia and the late Oliver Mutukuzi of Zimbabwe.

He started his music career in 2010 as a dancer at Grootfontein and after he became a music lover for the rest of his life.

DJ Vuyo, properly known as Mushe Musomi( 24 years)

DJ Vuyo has so far released four (4) albums with the first one entitled mokador and this was his greatest song in the whole album that blew the dust in the air and got recognition as it attracted many people’s attention with 14 tracks and his last album is called Monica that dropped last year with 20 tracks and currently hitting the air.

Vuyo is a solo artist who plays piano, produce and recording his music at DJ Vuyo production in Windhoek, and does not have a manager but does all the work by himself. DJ Vuyo is also the producer of artists such as Kwaito Larger, Belemakaso and many others. He does not have a sponsor but sometimes gets support from local business people in Katima Mulilo.

This upcoming artist faces problems like lack of support from local people because they do not want to sponsor even some competition to artist that would help them to print their compact disc.

He is commonly known as DJ Vuyo and his proper names are Mushe Musomi aged 24 years, born and bred in Katima Mulilo. He is the last born in the family of six (6), 4 women and 2 men.

Mushe did his primary education in Otjozodjupa Region from 2005-2010 at different schools and thereafter he was transferred to Katima Combined School where he continued with his Upper Secondary School, grade 8 to10. He furthered his High School in Rundu.

His fovourite dish is pap (thick porridge) with fish and with cool drink he is not stable as he takes different. Vuyo likes soccer as his fovourite sport.

Mr. Musomi who is well known as DJ Vuyo is hoping to release his fifth album in August or November this year. Asked when is he going to compete for Nama awards he has this to say “I was hoping this year but am a busy person since am the producer again in my studio I will only make it next year” he promised.

You normally sing in SiFwe and English why?

“It is all about keeping my tradition and culture, I want our culture to be recognized even over seas and I want to keep my tradition in my music I should not lose it” he noted.

DJ Vuyo’ CDs are always available to Mr. Music at Katima Open Market when printed. He concluded by urging young people especially those in schools to focus on their studies and stay away from teenage pregnancy as it destroys their future and also to refrain from alcohol and drug abuse.

“To my fans and supporters, this year is a hard year and I have good music for you on the way so keep on supporting” he concluded.

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