Who is Aunty Cathy?

By Simon Liseli

Sitting wearing a traditional suit dress is Aunty Cathy a 49 years old popularly dance musical artist, the daughter of the soil who hails from Schuckmansberg and Ikaba east of the mighty Zambezi region.

She plays KWASA music which she started in 2010 though music was her ambition from childhood.

Aunty Cathy

Aunty Cathy has so far released seven (7) albums with the first debut entitled ‘Sikumunwa’ meaning not touchable which was released in 2010 with four (4) tracks and the last album which is currently hitting air waves was released this year in January and is titled ‘Shosholoke’.

Aunty Cathy has been in the music industry for nine (9) years now and hopes to compete for NAMA awards next year as she has just registered with NASCAM this year. Her producer is known to her as Peter from neighbouring Zambia.

She is hoping to release her next album this year which will be titled ‘BONE’ meaning SEE.

She is a solo singer, singing local Subia language for old people to understand the meaning in her songs.

She however encouraged youth to follow her foot steps and refrain from drugs and alcohol and child abuse in order to join music industry as music can move the region and the entire country to greater heights.

This artist commonly known to her fans as Aunty Cathy, which comes from the name Catherine. Her real names are Catherine Mwaka Nyambe who was born on March 21, 1970 at Schuckmansberg where.

Her  parents are both passed on , Mr.Fredricks Mataa Mwiya  ( father) from  Schuckmansberg and her mother is the late Ms.Theresa Sibalatani of Ikaba area.

Catherine was born in a family of fourteen (14) six (6) girls and (8) boys, is married to Mr. Kennedy Nyambe.

Aunty Cathy did her primary school at Schuckmansberg from grade 1-6 and was then transferred   to Nsundwa secondary school where she continued with her grade 7-9 and completed her secondary school at Sanjo senior school.  In 2011 she worked as a kindergarten teacher at the ministry of gender and social welfare in Katima Mulilo.

In 2017, she opened her own kindergarten at Macaravani west where she employed two young people to run some classes.

Aunty Cathy mostly likes music in her life and enjoys her favourite dish of a thick porridge of mahangu (millet) plus soft drink, coke.

For more information about her music career and performances hire can be reached on her direct cell phone number: +264816591989







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