Veterans Games Tournament to kick off in Katima

 By Dominic Sikopo

  SECOND  Edition of the Veterans Games Tournament is to kick off from November 2- 3 at Katima Mulilo Sports Complex.

Chairman of the Organising Commitee of the Tournament, Mr. Maani Muketelwa.
Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Tournament, Mr. Maani Muketelwa.

 Chairman of the Organising Commitee of the Tournament Mr. Maani Muketelwa revealed to CVNEWS Sport in an exclusive interview that this year`s tournament comprises of Football and Netball Clubs.

 According to Mr. Muketelwa, the CEO of Katima Mulilo Town Council Mr. Charles Nawa is again sponsoring the tournament with an amount of N$10, 000. ”

 This year’s tournament is totally different compared for 2012 which  was a N$5000 sponsorship, while for 2013 has improved with sponsorship reckoned to N$10,000.00 more than the one for last year.

 Mr. Muketelwa added saying that the football tournament will include teams like KMTC, Ministry of Works and Transport, NAMPOL, NDF, Black Hawks(retired footballers) and Western Tigers of Mr. Ivan Kabunga all will partake in the tournament scheduled to take place this coming weekend.

The games are open to those who are retired whose age start from 35 years upwards said Mr. Muketelwa who also revealed that the organisers held a meeting on the 29th of November 2013 to finalise everything from the tournament format to the tossing.

 The Prizes for the tournament are as follows:

 Soccer: N$2500(first prize), N$1500 (second prize), N$1000(third prize) and a N$500 for the forth. He stated that N$3000 was reserved for Netball.








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