Unruly taxi drivers make second court appearance

By Simon Liseli

The fourteen taxi drivers, who were nabbed by NAMPOL traffic officers for disregarding a mounted road blocks, made their second appearance before the Katima Mulilo Magistrates Court recently.

The taxi drivers briefly stood in the docks before Magistrate Israel Hauwanga and Public Prosecutor Ms. Esther Jafet, on charges of obstructing and interfering with the police officers while on duty at a road block on June 13.

The matter was postponed to 30 August 2012 for plea as police investigations continues. The accused drivers are conducting their own defence
The accused taxi drivers are accussed of driving through the mounted traffic road-block along the WENELA road, where the traffic officers were busy with their day to day duties of controlling and preventing unnecessary driving in aim of avoiding accidents.

The fourteen men allegedly failed to comply with the instructions of the officers and ignorantly drove their vehicle with disregarded of the road control officers who blocked the road leading to WENELA boarder post.

They are now charged with public violence and other two counts contravening section 18(1)(b) that read with section 1 and 106.
There is three more taxi drivers still at large and are wanted on the same charge.

Eleven of the accused drivers who were arrested are out on bail of N$10 000 each while two of the accused, who are still locked up in custody, had their bail was reduced to N$7000 after they told the court they could not raise the requested amount.





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