UNAM Katima Campus filled with great loving minds

By Chaze Chika

KATIMA MULILO University of Namibia Campus great minds came together to attend the commencement ceremony  held on February 14, a day filled with love to welcome students in the 2018 academic year.

Indeed the day was filled with love even the hall was decorated with white and red a symbol of valentine to show that there was great love, big smiles were seen on everyone’s faces.

The senior and new students could not help it but applause and give love to their vice SRC president Cliff Lupalezwi  who showed great love and care  towards them he  gave a sincere heart warming speech.

Mr. Cliff Lupalezwi echoed sentiments‘’ Students should be self motivated, they should also be humble do their school work, make use of the library. It is only you who decides to fail if you want to pass you will pass. “He said.

According to him students are the greatest asset that Katima Mulilo Campus has without them there would be no Katima Campus.

At the same occasion, Zambezi governor Lawrence Sampofu proved to the audience why he was appointed as the governor of Zambezi region as a man who really cares about his people and their future.

Sampofu stated that ‘’ Students should be determined, self empowered with good education. In life anything is possible your future is in your own hands, be focused and do not let bad friends distract you. When you fall pick yourself up and soldier up… fight on the future is yours, work hard to be a better person, avoid tribalism maintain unity and remain united.”

“Our region is blessed with great leaders who love and care about us, who encourage and motivate us who sure genuine love that is the type of motivation and love we need to grow.” Cautioned governor Sampofu.

However, the University of Namibia is a great institution that puts its students first before anything else, and its sole purpose is to educate its students, it even takes its time to welcome its new students so they can feel at home even their senior students are not forgotten what better day to do this but the 14th of February a day filled with love.





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