UN should consider the total freedom of Caprivians

Open Letter to UN and AU

Mr.Alex Wa Mibonda , Concerned Caprivian

I humbly request the United Nations (UN ) not to turn its eye blindly, on the issue of Caprivian’s ‘total liberation’ claim by Mishake Muyongo and his followers who have been serving 24 years in prison in Namibia and its counterpart Botswana on grounds of their motherland.

If Namibia is a fully democratic state why can’t it resolve the problem democratically instead of people of Caprivi secretly tortured, jailed and killed by Namibian security forces?

People of Caprivi are the most poorest as it was said by PDM leader, Mr. McHenry Venaani on NBC TV News recently. As for now we don’t have an independent media apart from Caprivi Vision Newspaper which was politically burned by SWAPO led government.

In 2018 and 2019 Caprivians were threatened and forcefully repatriated by Botswana in an exchange of a dry port harbor and other islands of Caprivians.

75 % of Caprivian graduates are struggling on streets looking for employment but according to my observation in the near future our sons and daughters they will turn as criminals and prostitutes.Hence Caprivi is one of the richest in terms of natural resources but those resources are just white elephant because we are blind folded by the government of the day (SWAPO).

We want true democracy not colonial style and the regime which is full of corruption and nepotism.

I therefore humbly request UN and AU to construe clearly why Namibia is treated so special regardless of its violation of the National and International laws?

And why other African, American and European countries are exposed and charged when they commit and violate similar crimes?

However, how so special is Namibia and Botswana government are protected regardless of its physical and psychological torture of the Caprivians?

Why the International independent media are quite on the suffering of Caprivians who have been jailed, humiliated, tortured and killed by Namibia and Botswana authorities?

As for me I feel these legitimated Organisations have been bribed by those mentioned automatically authorities (Botswana and Namibia).

Finally, I would demand Human Rights representatives in those two countries (Botswana and Namibia) to investigate the following:

  1. How many Caprivians are detained – and why are they detained?
  2. Since when they had been detained?
  3. From 1998 up to date how many Caprivians lost their lives while under detention and what charges were laid against them?
  4. How many Caprivians were freed from prison and why  were they freed after so many years of detention?
  5. Who is accounted for those who lost their lives while on detention – proof of charge sheet as an exhibit?
  6. Why the Botswana authorities forcefully repatriated a large number of Caprivians and remained with those few in custody?
  7. When are they going to be freed?
  8. To which political parties do the representatives of Human Rights affiliated and why are they affiliated to these political parties?

I will be glad if UN and AU will entertain my demand based on democracy.


Wa Mibonda







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