Two Zambian nationals charged for murder

By Simon Liseli

THE Katima Mulilo Regional Court that set earlier this month sentenced two Zambian nationals to seven (7) years imprisonment for murder.

The Presiding Officer Mr. William Kasitomo and the State Prosecutor Mr. Jatiel Mudamburi of the Katima Mulilo Regional court ruled out.

The accused persons are Mr. Makumbi Mwananyanda (38), accused number 1, who escaped the police cells, Mr. Vincent Mukiyo (36) and Mr. Born Moya Nasilele (35) only two appeared in the Katima Mulilo Regional court on the same charge of murder.

On 6 December 2007 at Mahundu Village at about 85 kilometres Southeast of Caprivi region, the accused persons unlawfully and intentionally killed Mr. Richwell Ndubano Chifu a Namibian citizen by hitting him with a stick and later threw him into the water well.
The accused trios are Zambians and pleaded not guilty to the charge and they professed no knowledge about the offence.

Statements that were testified in court proved that the accused persons and the deceased were drinking beers together with the other friend of them by the name of Mr. Fortune Ntelamo. They all left the bar in the evening going towards the deceased’s house, along the way the accused Mwananyanda had an argument with the deceased over a shirt which he bought from (the deceased )at an amount of N$10.00. Accused Mwananyanda hit the late (Mr.Chifu) in the head with a sharp stick that caused his death.

The accused person’s then throw the deceased’s body into a nearby well in the presence of Mr. Ntelamo (State Witness) was watching them. The trio almost evaded Justice that it took 7 months for the police to arrest them.

During the proceedings of the trial, Mr.Mwananyanda escaped from Ngoma police cells and the trial continued in respect of accused 2 and 3 who were eventually convicted for accessory after the fact to murder for their role to help Mr.Mwananyanda to throw the deceased in a well and it took some days to get the corpse from the well while the community members were fetching the water in the well.
Upon conviction the accused were sentenced to seven (7) years imprisonment, they conducted their own defence while Mr. Jatiel Mudamburi represented the State. The investigation officer of the case is sergeant Trust Siseho of Ngoma Police Station, the Regional Court case number is 11 of 2009 and Ngoma CR is 01/07/2008.

The accused persons were arrested on 1 July 2007 at Buruha village in Mahundu area of the eastern Caprivi and the trial started on November 2, 2009 and they have been in police cells since their arrest, Accused number 1, Mr. Makumbi Mwananyanda is still on the run since he escaped the police cells at Ngoma in December 2009.





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