Two men in Court for Elephant Tusks Possession

By Dominic Sikopo
A Namibian National and a 45 -year – old man from Democratic Republic of Congo were both arrested and charged with illegal possession of elephant tusks at Kabuku Village near Mafuta Compound some 7 kilometres South of Katima Mulilo.
The accussed Congolese , Mr. Naweji Muteba ,a father of two and a Namibian national Mr. Corinthian Kabuku (34) were nabbed by the Namibian Police after a sting operation on March 18 , 2013 which followed after receiving a tip-off from a reliable source, after they were found in possession of 34 elephant tusks with a value of N$257 000; at Kabuku Village.
It is understood that the police arrived at the scene (Kabuku village) where they caught Mr. Muteba and Mr Kabuku in the process of hiding the tusks behind the acussed Mr. Kabuku’s hut where they had dug a hole.
Mr Muteba who has been living in Namibia under refugee status since 2008 fled his country of origin in fear of persecution due to conflict in that country and had been residing at Osire Refugee Camp but sometimes lived between Okahandja and Katima Mulilo on a refugee permit for an unspecified period of time.
It is understood that Mr. Naweji was allegedly introduced to the business of dealing in tusks by a gentleman who goes by the name of Titus on the day of 15 March 2013, which he (Mr. Muteba) agreed to and contributed a personal amount of N$5000.00 to the business venture as he was promised to make a substantial amount of money in return as was promised by Mr. Titus.
The tusks were found at Kabuku village wrapped in white and black plastic bags, it is further alleged that he (Muteba) owned eight of the elephant tusks.
He was charged under Act no 42/1980 sec 2(I) (a) dealing/possession of controlled game products.
Katima Mulilo Police spokesperson Sgt. Sitali Kisco Sitali confirmed to Caprivi Vision that two other men (a Zambian and Congolese) are also believed to be involved but are still on the run.
A cr number of 78/03/2013 was opened against the pair and were charged with dealing and possession of protected game products.
The case was remanded to the 14th of May 2013 for further investigations, Mr. Kabuku was denied bail due to the seriousness of the offence and both the accused remain under police custody.





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