Two Die On Spot In Katima Car Accident

By Simon Liseli

A serious Car accident that shocked Katima Mulilo residents on Wednesday morning at around 03H00 claimed two deaths of young men and one survived with serious injuries.

The deceased were identified to be Aron Liswaniso Lunyazo (22) and Jacob Matemwa Mwilima (22) while the survivor is Bruce Munziye Munziye (25). Their next of kin are informed.

The unfortunate accident happened on the early hours of Wednesday at Soweto location along Sam Nujoma Street formally known as Malena Street, the longest street of Katima Mulilo that stretches from Trans-Caprivi high way to Ngoma road.

The three were racing in a sedan Nissan Crox (an import car) along Sam Nujoma Street. The driver lost control due to the poor condition of the road that was wet and sand and the car went straight into the wall of the house for the former NBC siLozi Radio Station manager the late Mr. Dust Mubyana Mutonga.

This scene where the accident happened in Katima which claimed the lives of the two residents when this house for the former NBC siLozi Radio Station manager the late Mr. Dust Mubyana Mutonga was hit by a car and the wall fall on the victims.

According to Nampol Deputy Commissioner in Zambezi Region Mr. Evans Simasiku confirmed the incident to Caprivi Vision that the driver and his front seat passenger were thrown out and the wall fell over them and on a car and the two died on the spot and one passenger who was at the back seat survived the wreckage but sustained serious injuries, he was rushed to Katima Mulilo State hospital where he was later in the afternoon of the same day transferred to Rundu State Hospital for medical attention.

“On our arrival we removed the survivor out of the vehicle and rushed him to the hospital for medical treatment where he was later transferred to Rundu because of his stable condition, we remained and others at the scene trying to remove corpses under the wall and With the assistance of the community members who brought different equipment like heavy duty hammers and a bulldozer we managed to break the wall and removed corpse” explained Deputy Commissioner Simasiku.

Corpses were taken to the mortuary at Katima Mulilo State Hospital where the postmortem will be conducted next week Tuesday December 12, 2017 to determine the intervenes cause of death.

However, Deputy Commissioner Simasiku warned parents to have control over their children as they are still in charge of them.

“Children should not go astray like chicks that lost their mother, parents should also in this regard not allow their children to go for drinking with motor vehicles,” He warned.

He added that looking at the time of accident happened shows that parents did not know where their children were.

“Though we lost two lives of young people who could be useful to the planning and development of the region and the entire nation it’s a worry to all of us” he noted.

He gave a stun warning that public roads are not for drinkers who drives under the influence of liquor as old age people, children and middle aged, use them. He called on people to take care of their lives and appealed drinkers to call for help when tired while drinking.

“They must call for a help from the public or the police not to further loss of life in this way” he remarked.

Nampol Deputy Commissioner in Zambezi Region Mr. Evans Simasiku confirms the incident to Caprivi Vision

Mr. Simasiku promised that the police in this festive season will not allow overloading, driving under the influence of liquor and over speeding because they have a core function to protect the lives of people in public roads or elsewhere and they will not compromise live with money by allowing overloading.

He also sighted that Wednesday’s accident is the only one that claimed lives of people though it’s the 5th accident in this festive season whereby the other two accidents happened at Kongola where a driver bumped two cattle and the other two in Ngoma road where a driver lost control to avoid bumping a reckless pedestrian who was on the road.

Zambezi Nampol Deputy Commissioner further called on pedestrians to check both sides of the road when ever crossing and not to charge the distance where the vehicle is driving.

“Passengers must also take into consideration checking tires of vehicle and observe how the drivers behave. Am encouraging them not to jump into vehicle if they have noted anything to the driver or the vehicle because it cost their lives” He concluded.








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