Tribute To Late Hage Geingob



Namibia has lost a great leader,hero and an intellectual with the mind of his own.

Hage was a man of action with a colourful history in Namibian politics , a pan-Africanist whose footprints can be traced back before Namibia’s quest for independence.

He was the longest serving Prime Minister in the public administration of Namibia, and a chairperson (dafter) of the Namibian Constitution in the Constituent Assembly, February 9, 1990.

The third (3rd) Namibian President whose legacy was extremely different from His senior predecessors, the likes of Dr. Sam Nujoma and Hifikepunye Pohamba within the majority ruling SWAPO Party of Namibia.

President Geingob should be given credit for championing the 2014 SWAPO Party manifesto in implementing gender equality system by favouring women to take-up political positions in parliament , and with Zebra system in appointing both men and women in ministerial positions and party portfolios, He is the first and only president who appointed a Deputy Minister from the opposition party in Namibia.

Let us praise him for the implementation of this policy representation which was not used by other political parties in Namibia.

Shortly after winning his 2014 presidential elections (first-term) with a landslide victory with 87% of the vote, and SWAPO party won 80% of the vote in the National Assembly elections which gave his ruling party two-third majority with 77 seats in Parliament.

He is the only Namibian president who initiated the creation of the Ministry of Poverty Eradication in his Cabinet , which also raised an eye-brow amongst his critics and rivals that poverty was not confined to Eradication.

In 2015, He is the first-ever president in Namibia who publicly declared his assets and his wife Monica Geingos including his then Cabinet Minister of Finance Calle Schlettwein.

We would like to thank late President Geingob for leading Namibia in peace, press freedom and in otherwise increasing Old Age pension grant of our senior citizens from N$600 to N$1400 during his time in office.

Hopeful his 2024 New Year Message (promise) triggered another joy amongst the pensioners that they are expecting an increase of N$600 this coming financial year to receive N$2000 grant.

However, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is the presidential candidate to succeed Geingob if the party wants to follow examples of other revolutionary parties like the ANC in South Africa.

We are confident that the current new President of the Republic of Namibia, Mr. Nangolo Mbumba deserve to be the president, not only according to the Constitution for being served as the Vice President, but He is a rightful successor and a close workmate who worked and appointed by Geingob.

He is therefore capable to finish the term of Hage, and to implement Geingob’s programs and plans ahead of power transition on March 21, 2025, after the outcome of November 2024 Presidential and National Assembly Elections.

May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!







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