SSC Launches Office Construction at Otjiwarongo

By Staff Reporter

Seen on this picture from Left is Social Security Commission Executive Officer Milka Mungunda, SSC Board Chairperson David /Uirab, (Center) and Deputy Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations & Employment Creation Hafeni Ndemula(Right) at the launch of the construction of the SSC Otjiwarongo Regional Office.

Social Security Commission (SSC) has launched an Office Construction at Otjiwarongo in the Otjozondjupa region which signifies a significant step towards progress and development in the region.

This was revealed by His Worship Mayor of Otjiwarongo Hon. Gottlieb Shivute on Thursday during the launch of the construction site.

According to Mayor Shivute, the commencement of the construction of Social Security Commission office is to celebrate a significant milestone in their collective efforts towards a better future for Otjiwarongo and its residents.

The project represents a vital investment in the town’s infrastructure in fostering economic growth and creating new opportunities for its people.

He pointed out that the establishment of the Social Security Commission office will undoubtedly contribute to the well-being of the community by ensuring the provision of essential social security services to residents. It will also serve as a beacon of support, offering assistance, protection, and empowerment to citizens during times of need. The initiative aligns perfectly with their commitment to building a more inclusive and prosperous Otjiwarongo.

“I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Social Security Commission for their dedication and vision in embarking on this project. Your investment in our region is deeply appreciated, and we look forward to the positive impact it will have on the lives of our people” he said.

The mayor encouraged guests and partners who were present at the launch to continue investing in the development of the region, particularly in the town of Otjiwarongo. He said community holds tremendous potential, and with their support, they can transform this potential into a reality that benefits everyone.

He further said success of a community is not measured by its infrastructure alone but by the strength of its people and their collective spirit, and together they can build a future where every citizen of Otjiwarongo thrives, where opportunities abound, and where the town shines as a beacon of progress.

At the same occasion, Deputy Minister of Labour, Industrial Relations, and Employment Creation honourable Hafeni Ndemula commended the Otjiwarongo Municipality in granting the SSC the site to construct their new offices, and also extended his warm gratitude to the assigned construction company (KERRY McNAMARA ARCHITECTS Inc).

The Construction of new office building of the Social Security Commission demonstrates the practical steps that the Commission is taking in addressing the decentralisation programme and

Service delivery to the Namibian public

The SSC operates from fourteen countrywide which includes six branches and eight satellite offices.

The SSC manages three funds which are Maternity Leave, Sick Leave, and Death Benefits Fund. This is a short-term social insurance scheme that is administered by the Social Security Commission.

Development Funds are responsible for the conducting of training and employment schemes for socio-economic, disadvantaged persons who are unemployed, granting of bursaries, loans, and other forms of financial aid to students enrolled  at any technical or academic institutions of higher   learning

He divulged that Funeral Benefit Scheme aims to ensure that senior citizens and people with disabilities covered under the Basic State Grant (BSG) are accorded a dignified burial.

While Employees Compensation Funds, compensate for disablement caused by accidents or industrial diseases contracted by employees in the course of their employment or deaths resulting from such accidents and diseases.

“I’m informed that the construction of this new office will cost the Social Security Commission an estimated amount of N$ 20 million” he said.

Dr. Dawid /Uirab chairperson of SSC remarked that the inauguration of the office, was not only to celebrate the physical infrastructure but also the principles of good governance and accountability that underpin the work of the SSC.

“Our esteemed Board of Commissioners, whom we have entrusted with the responsibility of overseeing the affairs of the commission, exemplify the values of transparency, fairness, and ethical conduct. Their commitment to good governance ensures that the SSC operates in the best interest of our beneficiaries and stakeholders” said SSC Chairperson.

Dr. Dawid lamented that, the establishment of this office in Otjiwarongo holds immense significance, as it serves as a hub for not only the town itself but also five other towns in the surrounding area. These include Outjo, Khorixas, Kamanjab, Okakarara, and Kalkveld, where SSC has a significant number of active registered employees, employers, and other interest groups, with a combined total of close to 60,000 registered active employees and employers, who rely on SSC services and support provided.

He said one of their primary objectives as the SSC is to extend coverage to the uncovered, to ensuring that social security protection is accessible to all Namibians. The opening of the office in Otjiwarongo marks a significant step towards achieving that goal, pointing that by bringing their services closer to communities, they are bridging the gap and creating opportunities for individuals who may not have had access to social security coverage before. This expansion aligns with their commitment to inclusivity and their dedication to reaching every corner of the great nation.

He further said, the new office signifies their commitment to continuous service improvement.

“We recognize the importance of delivering efficient and effective services to our valued members and stakeholders. With this office, we can enhance service delivery by providing easier access to information, faster processing of claims, and personalized assistance for our beneficiaries. We are constantly striving to innovate and improve our processes to meet the evolving needs of those we serve” he noted.

He expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all those who have contributed to the successful establishment of the office. He extended his appreciation to the Board of Commissioners for their dedication and commitment to ensuring good governance and accountability within the SSC.

“I also extend my gratitude to the staff who will be working tirelessly to provide excellent service to our members and stakeholders in Otjiwarongo and the surrounding towns as we embark on this new chapter, let us recommit ourselves to the principles of good governance, accountability, and service excellence. Together, we can build a stronger, more inclusive Namibia, where every citizen has access to the social security protection they deserve’ he concluded.

The office will cover areas and towns such as Otjiwarongo, Outjo, Khorixas, Kamanjab, Okakarara, and Kalkveld where the number of active employees are estimated to be around 46,484.

Hon. Ndemula further explained that, Social Security Commission has taken a multi-faceted approach in ensuring that the flow of public at the SSC head office in Windhoek will see a reduction and in so doing, assist the public effectively and in the areas of Otjiwarongo.

“As we enter this construction phase, I have no doubt that the Social Security Commission together with the Construction Company (KERRY McNAMARA ARCHITECTS Inc), will provide us with quality end result that will make the entire nation proud” he acknowledged.

He expressed his gratitude to the board members and the Social Security Commission management staff for the progressive and visionary decision that they have taken in embarking on this project of the construction of this new office in Otjiwarongo.









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