South African Church tours the Caprivi

Pastor Titus Sithole preaching in the Katima Mulilo Prison

IF you cannot change the situations around you, change your thoughts and the world around you will change.

The South African Charity Faith Ministries in conjunction with its Katima Mulilo branch donated some goods to various communities in the Caprivi region last month when they went on a religious tour in different parts of the region.

The religious group also toured the Katima Mulilo prison complex where they also prayed for almost 150 prisoners apart from giving them food donations. The group comprised of 30 people led by Pastor Joseph Chauke and Pastor Titus Sithole. They decided to tour Katima Mulilo because they all stayed in the Caprivi region during the colonial era and the mission was part of the church’s social responsibility programme to the Katima Mulilo community. They donated clothes, food and provided medical services to the disadvantaged, disabled and elderly as part of their mission programmes.
In an interview with the Caprivi Vision during the tour, Pastor Joseph Sithole explained that the tour has now become an annual programme and have been impressed by how the Caprivi residents have appreciated the word of God. During the tour, they visited and donated goods to places like Linyati, Ngoma, Waya Waya and Sibbinda.
“We have a mission and it is for God to bless the people of the Caprivi region. We have toured places like Bukalo, Waya Waya, Linyati, Katima Mulilo prison and other disadvantaged places in the Ngoma villages where we blessed the elderly with some prayers and goodies such as food, clothes and other basic necessities. We have a branch here in the region and we work together with some local church pastors in our mission,” explained Pastor Sithole
The mission also went to the Katima Mulilo Prison where they prayed for the incarcerated inmates in their prison cells. A sermon was conducted to make prisoners repent so as to be led by the word of God. Some of the members of the church gave some motivational testimonies to the prisoners for them to repent while narrating their experiences before they joined the church.
The pastor also gave his testimony on how he grew up being a drug addict, drunkard and even doing some evil and satanic acts during his days when he was young.
“i had to do evil things that I hated because of peer pressure. It is now 29 years since God served my life. He is the only one who can change your life for the good. No one else can change your life. Not even the police and even the government. Out of your heart, that’s where murder, stealing and other evil things come from. Jesus is the one who can set you free and the only one who can change human heart. All these evil things come from the heart,” he preached
“That happened to me and my life has changed. Today, I’m now a pastor and when I was 16 to 19 years of age, you would not believe and want to see me and what God has done for me can also happen to you today,” he said much to the praise and ululation from the prisoners.
Also part of the mission’s delegation was a repented young South African man, Messy Sithole who gave his testimony on how he stopped evil deeds through the word of God.
“Drug Addiction was my best friend and yet my enemy. I tried my level best to separate myself from addiction. Many people including my parents, teachers and others wanted to take me to the rehabilitation centre but they failed. It was very difficult for me to stay for about a week without smoking marijuana and it was a trauma. But when Jesus came to me, I stopped all evil deeds and broke the chains of addiction. I have friends who are in and out of prisons but they could not escape the chain of addiction. They are involved in illicit drugs such as marijuana, cocaine and heroine,” he delved out.
“It does not matter how long you have been in prison or how long you have been in your situation either in addiction, theft, murder or whatever, but God will rescue you if you believe and break the chain of evil addiction,” he further added.
The Faith Mission leader explained to the Caprivi Vision that they identified the Caprivi region because he worked in the region for 10 years as a pastor and went back to the South Africa so that he could do more for the Caprivians. In the past they used to bring medical practitioners, counsellors and over 30 people who could preach to the region. Apart from preaching, they distributed food, clothes and some other goodies to different communities in the region. They have a church in Katima Mulilo with a South African pastor as well. During the year they always send a mission to help the pastor with church projects.
Faith Mission has some HIV/AIDS programmes for the region as well. In South Africa, they have a hostel for the terminally ill, an HIV/AIDS testing and counselling center and alleviation of poverty programmes.
The mission was represented locally by Pastor Catherine Chepape who also participated in the mission tours.





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