Simbwaye must be honourned

Silence and fear to establish death and locating grave of the missing leader of the Caprivi African National Union, (CANU) late Mr. Brendan  Kangongolo  Simbwaye still remain the issue hidden  under the calabash.

Though   the family of the late missing hero have broken this silence in sense that they want to see his remains.

According to the family’s recent call asking government   to intervene in the       whereabouts grave of Mr. Simbwaye, this will help stimulate debates on the public domain for the government on power to look into this matter seriously.

Decades of silence have gone by and political regime of Namibia should take issues of the Caprivian people at heart on the table in speeding up research and investigations  that  will reveal all perpetrators.

 We have learned from the family that Mr. Simbwaye was killed  by the people responsible with the police  force at the then SWA/NAMIBIA among them are now retired police officers in Katima Mulilo and elsewhere I Namibia and South Africa.

 The concerned family have alleged that he was buried at  WENELA location with other  missing fellow SWAPO/ CANU supporters at the time.

We feel that from this secrete document now at the hands of the family will give   evidence to the truth of his death if properly investigated but all this can be achieved if the truth commission and reconciliation can be instituted in this country.

We have seen with our own eyes that some icon heroes of this country have been recognised in many ways such as statues, streets among other things unlike the missing Simbwaye and many other unknown Caprivians who sacrificed their life for freedom before independence.

In Namibia today, we salute President Hifikepunye Pohamba  who named a ship by the Namibian Navy after him and other government office building in Windhoek named as Brendan Simbwaye Square by  former  Namibian president Dr. Sam Nujoma . While in Katima Mulilo the first brand new primary school after Namibia’s independence was also named after him.

     All these are lessons of the current generation to otherwise learn why Simbwaye’s death should be investigated. However President Pohamba and the Founding father Dr. Nujoma should assist in bringing the whole issues of the Caprivi to an end that includes this missing hero  and the politics of secession.  






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