Sibbinda Constituency to hold By-Election

Caprivi Political Map
The Sibbinda constituency, one of the six constituencies in the Caprivi region will hold its by-elections in September to elect the councillor who will represent them at regional level.
The by-election comes as a result of the untimely death of SWAPO party councillor Felix ‘Njangula’ Kabuku Mukupi, who died in a fatal car accident on June 16, 2012 while on his way from SWAPO Party District conference held at Masokotwani village where he was successfully elected as a district mobiliser while a local businessman Mr. Ignatius Chunga was elected as the coordinator.

Chairperson of the Caprivi Regional Management Committee and councillor for Kabbe constituency Hon. Raphael Mbala told Caprivi Vision that instruction have been sent to the Chief Regional Officer (CRO) Ms. Regina Ndopu-Lubinda to inform the Minister of Regional, Local Government, Housing and Rural Development Hon. Jerry Ekandjo of the vacant position in the constituency.

Mr.Mbala said after the Electoral Commission of Namibia ECN is also notified by Ekandjo, supplementary registration of electorates will start and after which political parties will be informed on when the by-elections will be held.

“It will take some time because the ECN still has to hold its supplementary registration before political parties goes for campaign. The regional council has nothing to do with that, as our role is just to inform the respective Minister .The ECN are the ones who have a big role to play. When they finalise everything, a date will be set for the by-elections at Sibbinda constituency” he added.

Chief Regional Officer for Caprivi Regional Council ,Ms Regina Ndopu-Lubinda confirmed that the notification has since been sent for Ekandjo’s attention after which a response was given indicating that an election will be held within a period of three months after the ECN have finalised all details.

“It’s not the regional council that decides and finalise everything but the ECN. We just notify the Minister about the vacant and he will take it to ECN,who will then do everything and once they are done they will set up a date for by-elections and political parties will be informed by the ECN not the regional council to campaign for the vacant” said Ndopu-Lubinda.

However, the submission of applications for the registration officers from Sibbinda was closed last Friday and the training is expected soon.

ECN Director Moses Ndjarakana was not reached for comments on the exact date of the elections.






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