Short Khilla releases debut album

By Dominic Sikopo

A 20- year old aspiring musical protégé Mr. Booysen Kabunga who also goes by the nickname Short Khilla, has released his first debut album in Katima Mulilo.

Short Khilla’s dream came true when he finally launched his first album titled “General Councillor Mukupi”

The Cd cover of Short Khilla`s album

The brand new album is called General Councillor Mukupi the late Mr. Felix Mukupi former Councillor of Sibbinda Constituency. The CD Album comprises of  12 tracks with different genres such as Kwaito, Sungura, Kwasa disco, Afro-pop, House and dance hall. “I dedicated it to the late councillor because he treated me in a nice way and he used to give me good advice on how to become a successful businessman, he was a good leader and he was just a good man in general who helped people and they really liked him” he said.

Short Khilla owns his own record label called Party Groovers Entertainment, which was launched March 19 on his birthday, this year. Short Khilla is managed by Musialike. Party Groovers label has now signed 3 artists which is a group called Green Star Boys, Snoop and the Night Movers.

When quizzed by Caprivi Vision, Short Khilla said his latest achievement, in terms of musical career, has only beamed hope in 2012 as he struggled to find sponsorship for his album.

“I was running up and down and going from town to town trying to find monetary sponsorship from companies, businessmen and a record label which was going to sign me,” he said. He is Scheduled to perform his show on December 14 at his home village of Makanga.







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