Shamalaza returns his mayorship

By Simon Liseli

SEEN on this photo SITTED : (front row centre), Hon. Lister Shamalaza, Katima Mayor  , Hon.Lascan Sikosi (Right),  STANDING : (from left to right)Hon.Beritha Mapenzi , Hon.Christina Simanga and Mr. Raphael Liswaniso, Chief Executive Officer for Katima Mulilo Town Council

In the just ended election and swearing-In- of new Katima Mulilo Town Council office bearers, His Worship Lister Kabuku Shamalaza was re-elected as the mayor of the town of Katima Mulilo for the period 2022/2023.

The election and swearing -in- ceremony of the newly elected office bearers took place on Tuesday at Chenai restaurant in Katima Mulilo.

Honourable Lasken Munalula Sikosi, of Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) an official opposition party in Namibia was elected as Deputy Mayor of the town while Hon.John Ntemwa Ntemwa for(SWAPO) returned his seat as Chairperson of the Katima Mulilo Town Council Management Committee.

Hon.Christina Chizabulyo Simanga former SWAPO Katima deputy mayor and Hon.Beritha Namangolwa Mapenzi (SWAPO) were elected as members of the management committee.

Hon.Councillor Charles Musiyalike for Independent Patriots for Change(IPC) and Hon.Watson Kalaluka  for National Democratic Party (NDP) were all absent.

The swearing in ceremony was presided by Katima Mulilo Magistrate, His Worship Davy Kambinda.

His Worship Magistrate, Davy Kambinda(Left) administering the oath of the Katima Mulilo Mayor, Lister Kabuku Shamalaza

Speaking after the election and swearing-in of the new elected office bearers his worship Lister Shamalaza appreciated the council for the possibility they have put on him to return his office for another year as a mayor of the town.

He congratulated councilors who were nominated to serve in different portfolios of the town council.

Mayor Shamalaza pointed out that he was humbled for the past two years he worked, pointing that people welcomed and respected him.

He accepted his new appointment with an open heart to serve the town and improve lives of the poeple.

Shamalaza called on all different political parties’ representatives in the council to put their differences aside and work collectively as a team for improvement of the town.

He said, as he continues with the second term, he is humbled and honour the appointment and is committed that achievements made can never be measured by the quality of speeches but strength put in their resolved changes in lives of the residents.

Mayor Shamalaza has also called for unity within council’s management in order to improve the lives of the people without divisions.

He invited all to join the council’s vision to move forward beyond its manageable jurisdiction.

His worship mayor commended for the relationship enjoyed with traditional authorities, business sectors, media and all other stakeholders for being positively working together.

He however mentioned that the town of Katima Mulilo needs a lot of improvements, promising that as the re-elected mayor he will direct the attention of the authority to the problems of roads, sewer and land servicing of the town.

“As a mayor and Chairperson of the town council I will do my best with all those problems I have just mentioned” He promised.

In his expired one year term he achieved eight (8) council meetings which were conducted as per provision of section 41 of the Local Authority Act, Act 23 of 1992 as amended.  Eighty- seven (87) resolutions were passed and the construction of Lifasi Street which coonects to KMTC Offices is underway after the appointment of the constructor in July 2022 , that stretches 900 meters and will cost the council an amount of N$ 12 million.

He further pointed-out that his office has engaged with different investors such as Indongo Toyota who is promising to open a branch in Katima early next year. “If will have that branch it will be an amazing to Toyota owners vehicles in the region” he noted.

In his speech Honourable Kennedy Simasiku of Katima Urban Constituency who represented the regional governor Lawrence Sampofu who is out of the country for official duties congratulated all newly elected Katima Mulilo Town Council office bearers for 2022/2023 and encouraged the mayor to continue deliver diligently without favour.

Simasiku appreciated the nomination of honourable Lasken Munalula Sikosi as deputy mayor of Katima Mulilo local authority.

“I recognize that when people work together being united with the spirit of accommodating another move” He remarked.

Katima Urban councilor concluded by noting that the council is a collective and legislature making laws to improve the livelihood of people. Councillor Simasiku further added that challenges faced by Katima Mulilo are not unique to those faced by other local authorities countrywide.







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