Sexual Parts Prejudice “SMS” Worries a Teacher

By Martha Matongo

A short text Message that circulated among cellphone recipients from an unknown Author in mid last month at Makanga , has alleged that Mr.Rustus Bukuto (49) was found in position of a man and woman sexual parts.Mr.Bukuto , a Geography Teacher at Makanga Combined School some 70 kilometers west of Caprivi raised his concern to Katima Mulilo Police Station after being called several times by his friends and family members about the short text message.

The sms continued saying Mr. Bukuto was arrested on the 9th of February 2013 at Kongola Check Point of the Caprivi Region for being found in position of a man and woman private parts.

Concerned Teacher ,  Mr.Rustus Bukuto
Concerned Teacher , Mr.Rustus Bukuto

The concerned teacher told Caprivi Vision that he was advised by Sergeant Sipho Mutibeli of the Katima Mulilo Police Station to get the author of the sms to be sued as the police cannot work on a rumor without evidence.

He said, seeing that he couldn’t trace it very well, he called one of his family member who earlier on called him on the same matter to clarify where he got the sms from, but this also proved futile as the answer he got was that an sms was already deleted and couldn’t know much of its author.
“I am just worried because even my learners were now afraid to get a hike in my car” said Mr. Bukuto.

He continued saying he does not even know of any killings which are in his area related to some kind of allegation, “I don’t know anything of such nature and I am not even running any businesses, I am not even rich”. He dismissed.

He is a teacher by profession, nicknamed as Obbar (Foot ball star name) still arguing that“I am a Geography Teacher for God sake and not the only Nicknamed Obbar”
“This is cowardice, if he or she has something with me, this person must come to me in person not playing with such issues”, Mr Bukuto stressed.
Principal of Makanga Combined School, Mr. Zocky Fumano confirmed the prejudice message “The sms is a true lie which just want to tarnish him, he has a good working relationship with both learners and teachers and I won’t even allege him of such kind of stories” said Mr. Fumano.

He further dismissed allegations and clearly explained that he did not miss any class at his school during February as he described him as a hardworking person who cannot involve himself in those affairs.

Mr. Mafenyeho Muzibe a Nephew to Mr. Bukuto who also received the same sms confirmed to this paper that he called him (Mr. Bukuto) on the same day the sms started circulating but answered him that he was at his Village at Nukwa and He also made some findings because he was much concerned but realised it was not true as prescribed in sms.“People can come up of such issues if they hate you, I remember that at our village there were rumors also alleging of some Men, but when we found out more about it, it was totally lies. I discouraged them from doing so to innocent people”, Mr. Muzibe said.

Probing to hear more if there was any case of this nature registered with the Katima Mulilo Police Station in February , Criminal Investigation Department ( CID) Unit Commander Mr. Primus Amwama referred the matter to the Regional Police Commander in Caprivi Region, Commissioner Bollen Sakwasa.

Commissioner Sankwasa explained that there was no case opened of that matter in the month of February and He does not speak to third people like Newspapers.
“I am not here for stories madam, and I am not your informer”, said Commissioner Sankwasa.

Questioned to advice the complainant (Mr. Bukuto) on procedures to follow if he is still much worried with what the sms has done to him, Mr.Sankwasa said “ I do not advice people through the Newspapers, why didn’t he approach my office himself ?, not sending you to ask me on his behalf”. He further said.

The prejudice short text messages has becoming rife in Caprivi region, June 16, 2012 shortly after the death of former councilor of Sibbinda Constituency Late Felix Mukupi it circulated among cellphone users but the culprit could not be found.Caprivi Governor condemned the incidence and requested the police to investigate the people behind the text.






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