Seven villagers escape death at Lusu

By Risco Lumamezi

SEVEN (7) people of the same family escaped death on Saturday night January 27, at  Sigao Village in Lusu Area, 48 kilometers south of Zambezi region in Sibbinda Constituency after the house was set on fire by a family member.

Mr. Raphael Kachana , Senior Induna of Lusu Area told Caprivi Vision that the accused suspect Nyambe Indala ,  a Zambian National threw a fire-brand on top of the roof thatched house with intention to kill the wife of his uncle who refused having intimacy relationship with him.

“It appears that the woman he was proposing to have an affair with , is married to his uncle who is alive in Zambia , and she came for piece of work in Namibia ” explained Induna Kachana.

He added that the trauma all started when Indala started having sexual advancements with  the wife of his uncle who hails in Zambia, saying he wanted to succeed his uncle. Upon turning down his proposal , then Indala decided to set the hut on fire by throwing a piece of burning wood (firebrand) on the roof of the house they were sleeping.

Nyambe Indala, the accused suspect

Lusu Area Induna Kachana further thanked his people in the area for working together in extinguishing fire that might have caused deaths.

Among the seven-survivors , include the mother and a child of the accused.

He was arrested by the Namibian Police on Sunday after a tip-off , His case number is CRN 249/01/2024.







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