Sauzuo Sub-Khutas in conflict

By Simon Liseli

The establishment of another Sub-Khuta, Xhoruha, at Sauzuo in Sangwali area, south of Katima Mulilo has triggered conflict and is now pitting family members against each other with those supporting the Nyowani Sub-Khuta.

Family members in support of Xhoruha Sub-Khuta are alleging to be intruders who are now at loggerheads with Nyowani Sub-Khuta, which is a gazette for Nyowani Alfred Ntema, who is the rightful Induna.

Sources in the area are claiming the conflict came about when the Sangwali Traditional Authority, of the Mayeyi Tribe, gave power to the community members of Sauzuo, to form up another Sub-Khuta which is yet to be gazetted, and which is to be ruled by Ntema’s first cousin Mr. Dominic Salushando.

Mr. Beaven Munali, one of the community members, alleged that the Xhoruha Sub-Khuta, which is now proclaimed as the district Khuta for Sauzuo, does not have a history to identify its roots, prompting many of the community members to call on Government intervention.

“We are calling on the government of Namibia to intervene in this issue before something bad happens. Those people in support of Ntema are now denied access to fetch water from the watering points and fears that the conflict will lead to bloodshed.

Mr. Munali is advising Sangwali Traditional Authority to refrain from allocating land to people not from the area, who are seeking a place to resettle, saying “They should know where that particular person originates from before approving their request to settle amidst the original resident of the area.”

Mr. Beaven Munali, concerned member

However, when contacted, Ngambela, also known as the Chief’s Prime Minister, Mr. Chrispin Mayumbelo, said the conflict between the Xhoruha and Nyowani came about way before Salushando took over.

The Premier Mayumbelo alleged that the problems arose because of the ill-treatment of people under the Nyowani Sub-Khuta, which lead to Chief Boniface Shufu giving into an establishment of another Sub-Khuta.

“The first request for the establishment of the Xhoruha Sub-Khuta was never approved, but was only later stamped and approved when the conflict between the two divided community members persisted.Ngambela Mayumbelo echoed that the real bone of contention between the divided Sub-Khuta is who should benefit from the Balyerwa conservancy.
“Is it the Nyowani which is gazetted or Xhoruha Sub-Khuta, which is still to be gazatted. The Xhoruha Indunas, are claiming to have more powers than the Nyowani Sub-Khuta, which in itself also raises more conflict,Munali is alleged to be a trouble maker, that is why the Xhoruha have denied him and others to fetch the water from the nearby point.” Mayumbelo said.

His Royal Highness, Chief Shufu, of the Sangwali Traditional authority, noted similar sentiments saying “the conflict is based on the fact of who is the rightful beneficiary of the Balyerwa Conservancy, a concern that was brought up by Xhoruha Sub-Khuta.

“Xhoruha Sub-Khuta has no right to bring up the conflict based on their need to benefit from the conservancy as they are not yet even gazatted. However this is a simple issue that can be solved, and is now enjoying my attention.” Chief Shufu said.

However, Chief Shufu advised that a conflict between Indunas should not involve their sons or daughters to pity against each other as they do not form part of the Khutas, saying such matters should be solved amicable between parents.

Chief Shufu called on the disgruntled community members to find a lasting solution to the matter.

“These people are just fighting for shares of the Conservancy and I know its being brought by the new Court (Khuta) but we are hoping to resolve this soon”, Chief Shufu concluded.






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